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Science Links

(Art)^n Fractal Gallery

Contains a collection of high resolution fractal images.

1990 US Census LOOKUP

Provides information about localities nationwide. Requires a WWW client with forms capability is required.

A brief overview of the National Herbarium

Includes information about the National Herbarium, a government organization. Includes searchable databases of plants and historical documents.

A brief tour or our Universe!

Presents an image-enhanced intereactive virtual tour of the universe.

A Fine Kettle of Fish

Enables user to query online fish databases, find out about endangered fishes, and link to other fish resources on the Internet. Includes a database that returns information and maps of the locations of different species.

A Guide to math resources

Offers resource jump list to various math resources, including the Latex, Tex, and Maple packages. Also contains jumps to math related gopher sites, newsgroups, math institues, and a math software index.

A listing of Physics Resources on the World Wide Web

Lists various types of physics resources currently available on the Web.

A Summary of Personality Typing

Provides online Myers-Briggs personality test and describes results.

A Word About The International Oceanographic Foundation

Explains the mission of the International Oceanographic and contains an excellent definition/explanation of the field of oceanography in the middle of the site.

A.J. Automation Home Page

Contains MathMadness Screen Savers. Also offers fractal puzzle online.

Accelerator Physics at SLAC

Describes accelerator physics at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center. Includes links to most accelerator physics and resources on the web, including almost all accelerator labs in the world, lab-specific and general news and job-listing sites, physics societies and organizations, texts, and more.

ACT Meters Ltd.

Introduces Checkmate 2 from ACT meters Ltd., a new radio-linked meter that combines radio, audio, and digital meter to enable a single engineer perform remote circuit testing and troubleshooting effortlessly.

Agriculture Online

Contains current news of interest to the agricultural community. Also offers links to sites on the Internet related to agriculture issues.

AgriGator: Agricultural Conferences

Offers links to information about agricultural conferences.

AgriGator: Commercial Agriculture Sites

Contains links to businesses on the Internet related to agriculture.


Presents online catalog of weather instruments and related products. Also offers customized weather forecast service that provides separate weather forecasts for agricultural, business, and corporate needs.

Air Affair, The

Focuses on all manner of flying machines. Includes a calendar of flying shows, aviation fuel prices, and an aviation library.

Air Force Maui Optical Station (AMOS)

Provides information about the Air Force Maui Optical Station (AMOS), located in Hawaii, and operated by the Phillips Laboratory. Describes telescopes and sensors at AMOS, as well as how visiting experimenters can request use of the facilities.

Airship: The Home Page for Lighter-Than-Air Craft

Offers links for finding information about lighter-than-air craft. Includes information on these craft in fiction, models, and pictures; a bibliography; and links to Internet resources and discussion groups.

Alden Electronics

Provides weather data systems, marine electronics, and specialized imaging products and papers. Offers software, hardware, and customized data products.

All Electrical Engineering Academic Programs (Almost)

Contains a complete listing of electrical engineering academic programs, organized by country.


Serves a resource for Alpaca ranchers, breeders, weavers, spinners, investors and anyone who wants more information about alpacas.

Althausen's WWW Wonderland

Provides information and links to the wonderful world of geography, concentrating on the fields of remote sensing and geographic information systems. Also provides links to pages that deal with the topic as well. Althausen tosses in pages for his favorite professional teams and musicians as well. Offers links to numerous government agencies.


A pre-algebra course for students who have trouble learning math. Provides preview and ordering information.

American Astronomical Society

Provides general astronomy information of interest to professionals and amateur enthusiasts. Maintains links to other astronomy resources on the net.

American Electronics Association

Provides information on AEA and its activities and services, including an events calendar, a directory of services and a membership roster. Provides instant links to more than 100 high tech firms.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Provides information on the group's mission, the upcoming world conference, and its programs. Also offers membership information.

American Institute of Physics

Provides general information on physics. Contains lists of other web sites as well as services such as online journals and software archives. Offers information varying from news about what is happening in the field of physics presented at a newspaper reading level to listings of job openings in the field of physics.

An Introduction to Molecular Virology

Multimedia tutorial published by the University of Cape Town. Overviews the school.

An Unofficial Chemical Engineering Home Page

Describes chemical engineering and offers collection of links to information about or for chemical engineers.

Anatomy Images

Contains directory of anatomy images.

Anderson's Timesaving Comparative Guide

Serves as reference for molecular biologists, providing the world's most comprehensive listing of restriction enzymes, modifying enzymes, commercial DNA libraries, and more.

Applied Anthropology Computer Network (ANTHAP)

Offers information to practicing anthropologists and to the public interested in applied anthropology. Applied anthropology is a growing branch of the anthropological sciences devoted to applying anthropological knowledge to the solution of human problems. Applied anthropologists solve problems in the areas of business, education, law, medicine, historical preservation, and others.

ASLO Home Page

"The purposes of ASLO are to promote the interests of limnology, oceanography and related sciences, to foster the exchange of information across the range of aquatic science, and to further investigations dealing with these subjects." Contains general information about the organization as well as information on careers and job listings.

ASM International Home Page

Provides information about the ASM, the Materials Information Society. Provides a searchable collection of web sites, a calendar of events, and a collection of materials producers of interest to materials engineers.

ASSET Welcome Page

Contains links to various resources on software engineering. Provides information about available courseware and STARS reports and offers a collection of related links.

Association of Academic Physiatrists

Physiatrists are physicians who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation, a medical specialty that deals with the evaluation and treatment of patients whose functional abilities have been impaired.


Aims to provide general information about a variety of astronomical events (large portion written in German, but some parts written in English).

Astronomical Data Center

Element of the National Space Science Data Center (NSSDC) / World Data Center A for Rockets and Satellites (WDC-A-R&S). Part of an international federation of astronomical data centers. Acquires, verifies, formats, documents, and distributes files that contain astronomical data in computer-readable form. Also develops and maintains software tools to access these data.

Astronomical Museum in Bologna

Provdies background on the history of astronomy and the instruments at this museum.

Astronomical Resources on the Internet

Contains list of sites broken down into gopher, telnet, ftp, and www resources. Offers many links as well.

Astronomy HyperText Book

A hypertextual astronomy textbook written at the college level. Contains interactive information about astronomy. Also offers links to sites that offer astronomy assistance.

Astronomy-Related Web Sites

Offers listing of astronomy-related web sites and includes brief descriptions.

AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet

Provides a searchable index of information about astronomy and astrophysics that you can find on the Internet.Contains a keyword or string search option.

Atlantic Tropical Weather Center

Provides the latest hurricane information and other weather information dealing with tropical cyclones.

Auditory Perception

Offers a multimedia document about auditory perception, including demonstrations, discussions, and experiments,

Automated Weather Source - Nationwide School Weather Network

Provides national weather information from images to textual data. Also presents a photo gallery of severe weather by storm chasers throughout the country.

Aviation Enthusiast Corner

Provides many resources, including picture libraries, airshow information, and aircraft locators.

Aviation Image Archives

Contains links to many aviation images and movies, including aircraft, aerobatics, combat, hang gliding, and logos from around the world.

Aviation Weather


Provides up-to-date information on North American weather in the aviation meteorological code. Also includes severe weather warnings for pilots and pilot reports.

Aztec Books

Features books on UFOs, ghosts and the spirit world, unexplained Phenomena, freemasonry, ancient and lost civilizations, science, ESP and psychic phenomena, holy grail, apocrypha, Kabbalah, Gnostic texts, astral projection, occult sciences, knights templar, theosophy, Nikola Tesla, Wilhelm Reich, and more.

Bacterial Nomenclature Up-To-Date

Provides the latest nomenclature information on bacteria. Enables user to enter a search word and receive information on the genus, species, status, and hazard group of known bacteria.

Ballooning Online!

A reference for pilots and people interested in ballooning. Includes a glossary, information on clubs, a photogallery, ballooning prayers, catalogs, and historical information.

Basics of Space Flight Learners' Workbook

Provides orientation to space flight and related topics, including the solar system, gravity and mechanics, interplanetary trajectories, orbits, electromagnetic phenomena, space craft types, telecommunications, onboard subsystems, navigation, and phases of flight.

BCRI On-Line

Centre for Alternative Transportation Fuels. Focuses on forest biotechnology, environment, advanced transportation systems, ocean engineering and ergonomics.

Ben Cheng's Home Page

Offers a weekly math teaser (which also appears in the journal Matematika) to entertain and stretch your math advanced knowledge. Also presents an art gallery that contains chaos images.


Provides a service for people involved in biochemistry and molecular biology: those considering applying to the graduate program, those involved in the graduate program, and professors.

Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server

Provides information about specimens in biological collections, taxonomic authority files, directories of biologists, reports by various standards bodies (IOPI, ASC, SA2000, and so on), an archive of the Taxacom, MUSE-L and CICHLID-L listservs), access to online journals (including Flora On-line), and MUSE and Delta.

BioForce Labs

Focuses on expanding the use of scanning probe microscopy and molecular force detection in basic and applied research and molecular diagnostics. Focuses in particular on manufacturing and selling BioTips[tm], biologically modified force transducers for molecular detection. Includes the following services and activities: on-site SPM setup and training, collaborations, providing services, and supply sales.


Serves as an online product directory for the biomedical/lifescience research community. Offers searchable database that contains more than 15,000 products from 1,400 vendors. Provides information on new products and special offers, an opportunity for users to share expertise through product user groups and immediate access to suppliers via e-mail for technical support and ordering information.

Bosco's RockPile

Offers site for sharing paleontology and geology infomation, sites, and pictures.

Brain Page

Presents study of how brain chemicals effect emotion, personality, and sexuality. Also offers links to related sites.

Britannica Online

Online reference source (for a price, unfortunately). Contains articles in the Encyclopedia Britannica, as well as articles not yet published.

British Trees

Presents the "Introductory Guide to Native British Trees," which enables you to search by common English or Latin names to find information on family, description, habitat, distribution, timber, uses, and so on.

Brussels Free University (ULB)Computer Science Department :Bookmarks

Collects bookmarks about computer science, mathematic, computer firms, technical reports in these fields, bibliographies, and more.

Calculus&Mathematica Home Page

Calculus& Mathematica is a calculus-reform project started at the University of Illinois and Ohio State University. Uses Mathematica, a software package from Wolfram Research, to teach calculus to high school and college students.

California Academy of Sciences

Contains online exhibits among other museum information.

Caltech Space Society

Provides information about space-related projects, such as conferences and educational programs, that are open to the public.

CCD Images of Galaxies

Presents a collection of images that specializes in photographs of galaxies. Also offers educational resources.

Center for Advanced Space Studies (CASS) Home Page

Provides information about this national research center, as well as general information about space science.

Center For Soybean Tissue and Genetic Engineering

Describes effort to develop and refine a complete soybean genetic engineering system.

Centre for Earth and Ocean Research -- University of Victoria

Focuses on earth and ocean research.

Centro de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento da Telebras - CPqD

Covers research and development in telecommunications: ISDN, switching, optical communications, inductive technology (telephone cards), systems, materials, and more.

CERN European Laboratory for Particle Physics.

Birthplace of the World-Wide Web. Provides general information on the Web and maintains archives of information on particle physics and listings of links to other sites pertaining to the field of physics.

Chaos at Maryland

Provides information on the various applications of chaos theory. Includes dimensions, fractal basin boundaries, chaotic scattering, and controlling chaos. Includes online papers, a searchable database, and general references. Also offers the Chaos Gallery.

Chaos Network Sign-IN

Offers many links to topics relating to chaos theory, such as fractal mathematics. Recommends books to peruse.

Charles University Department of Physiology

Includes teaching and research information and a collection of pages related to physiology.


Provides online catalog for Swedish book publisher, Chartwell-Bratt. Offers English- or Swedish-database you can search by title, author, or subject. Includes books on mathematics, computer science, and engineering.

ChemCAI: Instructional Software for Chemistry

Contains links to software sources, demonstration materials, and other information for chemists.

Chemical Engineering URL's Directory

Offers a collection of links to information about chemical engineering resources outside of the United States. Also offers a collection of links to chemical engineering sites all over the world. Provides information on upcoming conferences and includes many search links.

Chemistry Hypermedia Project, The

Provides library of hypermedia tutorials related to chemistry.

Chemistry Teacher Resources

Provides resources for teachers and high school students chemistry, original documents created by a science teacher.

Civil Engineer's Calendar

Provides information about upcoming events of interest to civil engineers, in a searchable index or obtainable by e-mail.

Classics on Evolution

Contains links to some classic papers on evolution, from Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace. Includes the famous Origin of Species.

CMB Astrophysics Research Program

Surveys ongoing research and lists current personnel in the George Smoot Astrophysics Research Group.

CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository

Contains public domain and freely distributable software, publications, and other materials of interest to AI researchers, educators, students, and practitioners.

CNC Relief Maps

Provides models of any size, scale, or vertical exaggeration. Serves the National Forest Service for interpretive centers, fire/watershed analysis, and maintenance.

Comet Observation Home Page

Contains a wide variety of information on comets, including links to online resources and data archives of articles and images.

Comet Shoemaker-Levy Collision with Jupiter

Provides information about the impact with Jupiter last year. Includes images, animations, and information about the event.

Common Weights And Measures

Contains information on converting to and from metric and United States measurements.

Composite Materials Research Group -- University of Mississippi

Features research conducted by the Composite Materials Research Group at the University of Mississippi. Focuses on the optimization of the pultrusion process for the manufacture of composite materials and mechanical and physical property characterization of composite materials. Features faculty research, facilities and equipment, and graduate school opportunites.

Compton Observatory Science Support Center`

Contains links to various instrument homepages, bulletin board access, announcements, and public data archives.

Computational Logic; Inc.

Performs advanced research and development in math modeling of digital hardware and software systems. Includes software and technical reports. Also provides education and consulting services. Offers jumps to university sites that contain information on the mathematical modeling of digital systems.

Computer Vision & Image Processing Group

Covers digital image processing and related areas. Includes the areas of multichannel and color image processing, parallel image processing, medical signal processing, ultrasonic image processing and storage, fast algorithms and architectures for digital filtering and image processing, morphological image analysis.

Computing Center, Academy of Sciences, Russia

Provides computing services to the institutes of the Academy and other users.

Consciousness Research Laboratory

Contains a bibliography of alternative research, parapsychology, cognitive science, human factors, and science fiction. Includes an online experiment in which the visitor can participate.

Coral Health and Monitoring Home Page

Provides services to help improve and sustain coral reef health throughout the world. Contains general information about coral as well as a listing of links to other sites about coral.

Cornell Ornithology Collection

Provides information about the history of the ornithology program at Cornell. Offers a useful link to a gopher search tool for scientific information on bird species.

Cornell Theory Center

Contains information about high end computing theory. Offers a visualization link that includes animations, graphics, and tools.

CPLEX Optimization, Inc. Home Page

Develops large-scale mathematical programming software and services. Provides list of products and services and offers linear and mixed-integer programming software.

Crazy About Constraints!

Provides information regarding mechanical engineering manufacturing issues, such as the theory of constraints, the thinking processes, and other Goldratt techniques.

CSC Mathematical Topics: Visualizations

Displays animations (MPG format) of various mathematical theories and areas. Includes Klein bottle, genetic algorithms, Fourier series, and so on.

CSC Mathematical Topics

Provides information about mathematical software and guidebooks available at Center for Scientific Computing (CSC, Finland). Also points to application specialists at CSC for help on specific topics. Provides several kinds of search mechanisms to help find documents. Displays examples of mathematical animations and visualisations made at CSC. Also contains some guidebooks and newsletters published by CSC.

CSIRO Division of Oceanography

Offers two links: the Climate and Ocean Processes link provides information on research in this area and the Marine Environment and Resources link contains additional information on current research.


Consolidates existing WWW biological science teaching and research resources and creates and distributes original multimedia resources for teaching biology. Offers general biology links and short descriptions of the sites as well as the separate category for multimedia sites related to biology, which consist mostly of image databases on the Internet.

CTI Centre for Chemistry Software Catalogue

Lists software you can use in many areas of science, including general science, crystallography, and all areas of chemistry. Covers a wide variety of software types and platforms.

Current Weather Maps/Movies

Offers timely JPEG weather maps and MPEG movies of radar motion (also offers a text version).


CyberSky is a shareware program, you download and run on a PC, 386 or higher with Windows 3.1 or higher.

D Banks[md]Microengineering / MEMS

Provides information on microengineering. Offers a small collection of tutorials and documents. Focuses on micromachining and the fabrication of structures the size of microns.

Dalton Chemical Laboratories, Inc.

Specializes in the synthesis of phosporamidites, oligonucleotides, custom synthesis, and research contracts.

Data Catalog

Presents a catalog of climate-related datasets, with an interface that allows you to make plots, tables, and files from any dataset, its subsets, or processed versions thereof.

Data Modeling Web Site

Offers links to many other sites. Builds custom nonlinear curve fitting software based on your problem.

Dave's Math Links

Provides a Mathcad files library, links to math resources on the Web, and image processing applications.

Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

Two satellite constellation of near-polar orbiting, sun-synchronous satellites that monitor meteorological, oceanographic, and solar-terrestrial physics environments. Features currently occurring meteorological phenomena.


Offers software program to use PC and Windows to provide "decision support in water quality management on a river basin scale."


Develops tools for database design and reverse engineering.

Discovery of a Palaeolithic painted cave at Vallon - Pont-d'Arc ( ArdŠche )

Presents recently discovered ancient cave paintings from the south of France, created during the last ice-age, which makes between 17,000 and 20,000 years old.

Discovery Program Home Page

Contains information about the different missions that NASA hopes to undertake.

Dynamical Systems and Technology Project

Funded by the National Science Foundation and designed to help secondary and college teachers of math to Provides information on contemporary mathematics, such as fractals and chaos. Includes computer demos, as well as movies on some famous fractal sets.

e-Math Home Page

Home of the American Mathematical Society. Offers professional memberships. Publishes electronic journals, books on math, and the fee-based MathSci database, which features comprehensive coverage of research in mathematics, computer science, and statistics. Also provides information about Math Awareness Week 1995 and good jumps to other math sites.

Earth Sciences and Resources Institute

Focuses on university-based research applied to fossil fuel, mineral, geothermal, and environmental assessment. Presents an electronic brochure about the Institute. Also offers links to energy/environmental/mineral/geothermal relevant reference sites. Includes a photo and quote of the week.

Earth Viewer

Enables you to use the Earth Viewer online mapping tool to see Earth from above by setting specifications such as longitude and latitude, look at satellite imagery, composite the image with cloud cover, and much more. Presents the Solar System Live, which shows the locations of the planets at any time. Also presents Terranova, a series of images created each day of hypothetical planets.

Earth Watch Communications Inc.

Contains many images of 3-D satellite views from space. Also plugs its 3-D software package that integrates 3-D weather visualization with a global database to create a virtual world.

Earthquake Info from the U.S.G.S.

Provides earthquake information. Includes plots, news, regional studies, maps, and references.

Ebola Page, The

Claims to be "the most complete source of information about Ebola on the Net." Contains breaking news about the deadly African virus. Offers links to other sites, graphics, and hypotheses about the disease and its origins. Presents a chronology of events related to the ongoing crisis, each linked to a media or governmental source and updated daily.

Eckerd College Natural Sciences Summer Research

Summarizes research activities this summer in the Natural Sciences department at Eckerd College.


Online eco-web journal. Delves into one ecological topic each week, including real-life stories, photos, and scientific information. Offers links to related net resources.

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse DCL

Supports improving teaching and learning in math and science in secondary school. Offers links to other Internet resources. Presents online catalog and databases, as well as a collection of Internet software and information.

El Nino Theme Page

Explains El Nino (frequently referred to on oceanography pages), a disruption of the ocean-atmosphere system in the tropical Pacific which affects weather around the globe.

Electronic Desktop Project Home Page

Focuses on improving the way science is taught and learned by bringing the power of advanced workstation technology to introductory science students in both major and general education classes. Details some of EDP's projects and offers links to interactive demonstrations.

Electronic Visualization Lab

Merges art, computers, and science in electronic visualization. Contains visualization projects as well as student home pages that display visualizations.

Electronic Zoo

Provides information about animals (some material for scientists but much for people who just like animals).

Electronic Zoo

Contains information about animals and animal-related resources. Offers many links to information on nearly any animal.


Serves as a resource on biological effects of electric and magnetic fields for the general public and professionals. Contains key documents, resources, and literature for those interested in possible health effects from power lines, computer monitors, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, radio communications, cellular telephones, radar, microwave transmissions, and other sources.

Environmental Chemical Corporation

Deals with safety solvents, industrial cleaning, biological products, maintenance supplies, equipment cleaning, truck wash, sewage treatment, degreasers, disinfectant, food processing chemicals, food service, drain maintenance, HVAC, heating ventilation and air conditioning, vehicle maintenance, vehicle cleaning, printing industry, de-icers, and odor control, among other things, as partners for a cleaner, safer environment.

European Software Institute (ESI)

Provides information about Europe's movement toward improving the competitiveness of the European software industry. Includes training information, a list of upcoming events, and new improvements to their server.


Provides this interactive science museum's exhibits, workshops, projects, programs, events and schedules. Includes a quarterly magazine, gifts, learning publication tools and resources, and images and sounds.

Explorer Home Page

Provides access to thousands of science and math documents, lesson plans, and software for use in educational settings. Provides information about each item before you download as well as how they fit into curriculum goals.

Federal Aviation Regulations

Furnishes searchable database of FAA regulations.

First General Aviation WWW Server, The

Offers a resource on aviation. Provides information on learning to fly, piloting tips, model airplanes, simulator information, FAA information, and other aviation-related items.

Flicks of FLI Files Of Mathematical Models

Offers a collection of FLI and GIF files that illustrate mathematatical models using computer graphics.


Provides introductory information about fractals. Includes strange attractors, chaotic systems, fractal landscapes, and more. Also offers a list of online references.

Fractal Gallery

Presents downloadable color fractal images that show different mathematics problems. Includes the Curve of Von Koch, the Mandelbot Set, and trees, ferns, and mountains.

Fractal Image Compression

Contains links and information regarding fractal image compression. Offers an online bibliography, book reviews, conference announcements, and papers.

Fractals Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Contains all of the frequently asked questions (FAQ)about fractals.

Fraunhofer Institut for Materials Physics and Surface Engineering

Focuses on basic and applied research for surface processing of materials and components by means of laser and other high power energy sources.

Frequently Asked Questions about Parapsychology

Attempts to explain the current thinking about parapsychology from a scientific point-of-view. Includes discussions of ESP, ghosts, channeling, and a review of the criticisms.

Future Graph; Inc. Home Page

Offers many links to math-related sites.

GAMS:Guide to Available Mathematical Software

Gateway to NIST guide to available mathematical software. Allows searching by package name; or more interestingly by what problem it solves

Gardening List WWW

Offers two resources concerning gardening: Cyndi's Catalog of Catalogs provides information on obtaining catalogs. Also provides several gardening articles.

GDB Human Genome Database

Supports biomedical research, clinical practice, and professional and scientific education by providing human gene mapping information. Includes DNA sequences for genes.

Ge210: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and other Hazards

Contains links to images (volcanoes, oceans, earthquakes, and seismic graphs), a glossary, lecture and lab notes, and geology information on the Internet.

General Astronomy Information on the World Wide Web

Provides general information on astronomy.

GenoBase Database Gateway

Allows you to search the NIH copy of GenoBase for biological data.

Geographic Nameserver

Provides geographic information about the location including: county, state, country, population, area code, latitude, longitude, and elevation when you enter a city name.

Giovanni Guglielmo's Research Page on Salt Tectonics

Contains free computer animations, 3-D visualization, and interpretations of physical and finite element models of salt tectonics.

Global Network News Weather Page

Lists six major links to weather information on the Web, including the University of Michigan Weather Underground and the Weather Machine at the University of Illinois.

GLOBEC Information

Designed to be a collaborative effort between physicists, biologists, and chemists. Attempts to more rapidly further research on oceanography through collaboration (made possible by Internet technology including this website).


Supplies downloadable command-line driven plotting utility for UNIX, DOS, and VMS.

Great Canadian Scientists

Presents a collection of material on Canadian scientists and science. Includes biographies of several scientist, descriptions of their greatest claim to fame, and activities. Presents an interactive quiz that tests knowledge and guides users around the site looking for answers. Also includes images and text.

Greenspan Technology

Specializes in leading-edge water quality monitoring technology for the water resources, environmental, and pollution markets. Offers services ranging from the deployment of single water quality sensors, installation of sophisticated multiparameter monitors, to project management of major hydrological studies world-wide.

Gulf Of St. Lawrence Microfossil Catalogue

Contains searchable database of microfossil images.

Helicopter World

Provides information about helicopters. Includes a picture archive, a history of helicopters, information on schools, and technological information. Also includes a noteboard that visitors can read and respond to.

High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center

Contains general information on supernovae, x-ray binaries and black holes.

History of Mathematics

Contains biographies of mathematicians, searchable by alphabetical or chronological index (and some include pictures).

Honolulu Community College Dinosaur Exhibit

Offers a free and permanent exhibit of dinosaur fossils for public viewing. Includes an audio narrative on each page.

Horizon Scientific Press: Molecular biology books

A resource for books in molecular biology and microbiology. Contains useful links to other sites of interest to molecular biologists.

How far is it?

Allows you to enter two names and see basic information on both places. Also offers a link to a map that shows both places.

Hubble Space telescope's Greatest Hits 1990-1995

Houses the best images from the Hubble Space Telescope over the past five years.

Humans in Space

Provides information on physiological needs, spacecraft systems, and general information about humans living in space.

HyperSpace at UBC

Contains articles related to gravity and relativity, current news on relativity, job listings, and conference information, among other information..

IEEE Home Page

Provides information about new publications, joining the organization, job listings, student activities, a searchable database, and more.


A global network of scientific research institutions that collaborate on projects relating to science, technology and innovation policy, ecosystem management, gender science and development, the implications of the human genome project for developing countries, and the international system of science.

IMA WWW Server

Institute for Mathematics and its Applications. Provides the newsletter and back issues of the newsletters of this professional organization.

IMSA Home Page

Provides information about the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, a residential public high school for students talented in the fields of math and science.

Information Leaflets

Lists online explanations of a variety of astronomy-related topics.

Infrastructure Technology Institute (ITI)

Provides information about current research, technology transfer, and education regarding America's infrastructure.

Institute for Space Astrophysics C.N.R.

Offer some links in Italian but the majority in English. Includes the "Electronic Atlas of Dynamical Evolutions of Short-Period Comets."

Institution of Electrical Engineers Home Page

Provides information about membership in the Institution of Electrical Engineers, upcoming events, information services (including searchable databases), and a collection of links to other Internet resources.


Serves as guide to weather, ski reports, and ocean conditions. Provides information for weather novices and professionals.

Interactive Marine Observations

Gives access to meteorological and oceanographic data being reported by buoys and CMAN stations in the Atlantic, United States, and Pacific. Reloads automatically every 2 minutes if you have Netscape.

Interactive Weather Browser

Provides the capability to type any city's station ID and receive up-to-the-minute conditions. Also allows you to build a weather map, checking off only the options you want to include on the surface map.


Lets you import code into Mathematica. Gives users a way to organize and use Mathematica Notebooks. Also displays graphics rendered in Mathematica.

Interface Science Western

Group of researchers from the Physics and Chemistry departments of the University of Western Ontario. Collaborates on a variety of experimental studies involving surfaces, interfaces, and thin films.

International Astronomical Union

Contains access to current and past bulletins as well as reports posted by association members.

International Weather Watchers Official Home Page

Nonprofit group of weather enthusiasts. Includes information about the group, links to weather-related information, and an offer to receive a free bulletin the group puts out.

Internet Center for Mathematics Problems

Attempts to identify and list all sources of math puzzles on the Internet. Lists problems from back issues of the Missouri Journal of Mathematical Sciences and the Fibonacci Quarterly and contains information about other sources of math puzzlers such as newsgroups, books, and other souces.

Inventor's Resources

Provides database of 8,700 manufacturers and marketing companies in the US who have indicated an interest in reviewing new products.

Invertebrate and Vertebrate Paleontology Type Collection

Offers searchable database of information on various specimens by type.

Ionia "1 km AVHRR Global Land Data Set" Net-Browser

Presents a collection of 14,413 digital satellite images used to create the first comprehensive photographic map of the Earth.

ISB Working Group on Footwear Biomechanics

Organization of biomechanics experts who study footwear for sports and other functional applications. Includes information on the organization and abstracts of papers.

Jean-Marie Vaneskahian's Physics Home Page

Offers physics-realted links and software, including net software.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Provides information about the laboratory and its research projects as well as links to other sites of general interest. Specializes in the study of nuclear, ecological, and bioscience topics.

List of Oceanography Resources

Lists oceanography web sites. Contains a listing of the major NOAA web sites and links to some of the better web sites of educational institutions.

Livermore Labs Atmospheric Research

Provides technical information with research on global and regional climate change, atmospheric physics and chemistry, biogeochemical cycles of anthropogenic gases and aerosols, cloud physics, and real-time modeling of the transport of contaminants in the atmosphere.

LLNL Biology and Biotechnology Research Program

Introduces you to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Biology and Biotechnology Research Program (BBRP). Provides information related to their research projects in the areas of the human genome project, DNA repair, x-ray crystallography, and more.

Logal Software Home Page

Develops and markets math software for middle school through college.

London & Middlesex Archaeological Society (UK)

Provides a set of pages that examine the activities of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society (LAMAS) and those of other heritage organizations in the area. Includes listings of lectures, conferences, new publications, and so on. Offers a comprehensive set of links to other WWW sites of interest to the archaeologist. Also presents the online version of the Directory of British Archaeology, which lists every known archaeological body in the United Kingdom.

Los Alamos Group XTM Home Page

Supports X-Division's mission by developing state-of-the-art computational tools to investigate and solve complex problems in radiation hydrodynamics and transport. Applies these tools to problems that are important to the nation's security and well-being.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Contains a library of information about and generated by this government laboratory.

Main Menu

Provides information (text and pictures) about the marine habitat and all the life in it. Includes the "Hands-On" section, which gives lots of marine-related experiments and lists the appropriate grade level for each.

Main Menu

Interactive frog dissection. Uses scanned video images to show frogs and leads you through the dissection process, including text instructions as well as downloadable QuickTime movies with audio tracks that tell you how to properly dissect a frog.

Math Teaching Assistant

Contains a math tutoring program developed for classroom computer labs aimed as secondary school students.

Mathematica World

Electronic distribution center and support center for various math-related newsletters, most of which are based on Mathematica software.

Mathematics Archives WWW Server

Provides FTP access to shareware and public domain software for teaching math on the college level. Also provides information and software for people interested in math as well as links to secondary school software. Includes considerable information on software.


A mathematics computer lab. Features downloadable undergraduate level courseware (designed to run under UNIX and Mathematica) on geometry, graph theory, and complex analysis.

MathSearch - search a collection of mathematical Web material

Allows you to search a collection of over 19,000 documents on mathematics and statistics servers.

MathSoft Home Page

Offers technical support, news, and product catalog.

MathSolutions; Inc. Home Page

Distributes MathTensor, an add-on for Mathematica that performs tensor analysis. Also provides links to resources and offers papers.

MathSource Home Page

Provides a collection of downloadable Mathematica packages, notebooks, examples, and programs. Offers list of related web sites.

MathType Home Page

Houses an equation editor for Mac and Windows machines. Offers technical support, registration, and product information.

Mathware Home Page

Lists software and books.

MathWorks Home Page

Offers MATLAB, a high-end mathematics software package, as well as links to jobs, news, and books. Provides information on Pentium chip flaw. Also presents products and services and an online copy of the MATLAB newsletter.

Meetings Information

Provides information about materials-related resources, and publications. Also offers a list of national or international conferences or seminars on materials engineering.

Mendeleev Communications

International journal of short communications in chemistry, published jointly by The Royal Society of Chemistry and The Russian Academy of Sciences since 1991. Presents preliminary accounts of original and significant work from Russia, other states of the former Soviet Union, and elsewhere.

Michal Wittner's Bookmarks

Includes a collection of links related to biology and medicine; in particular to neuroscience, molecular biology, biocomputing, and human physiology.

Micromath's Home Page

Develops software for scientists and engineers, primarily for solving equation systems and fitting experimental data. Offers Mac and IBM software. Also offers MMCalc, a downloadable Macintosh desktop utility program (free).

Microworlds: Exploring the Structure of Materials

Explores scientific issues being investigated at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in an understandable and fun way. Provides information on research dealing with issues such as light, conductivity, and wetlands.

Miscellaneous Meteorological and Environmental Information

Provides weather and earthquake links to Internet resources.

Mission Report: Apollo 13

Contains the story of Apollo 13. Includes images and sound files.

MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Provides information and publications about MIT's latest work on artificial intelligence, including on computer vision, humanoid robotics, and artificial muscles.

More Fractal Pictures

Serves as a resource for fractal images that show the concepts of chaos theory (geared to grades K through 12).

Mount Wilson Observatory

Overviews several ongoing projects using innovative techniques and modern detectors. Provides information for professionals, amateurs, tourists, and educators.


Nanotechnology is an expected future manufacturing technology that should enable us to inexpensively build almost any structure consistent with the laws of chemistry and physics with molecular precision.

NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

Provides information about the activities of this research center. Includes a photo archive of research aircraft, research documents, and program information.

NASA Information Services via World Wide Web

Acts as the starting point for all of NASA's Web-based information. Offers links to resources including space shuttle information, home pages for the NASA centers around the country, space images, and educational resources.

NASA Television on CU-SeeMe

Helps visitors learn how to access live images and audio from NASA using CU-SeeMe software. Provides a link for obtaining the CU-SeeMe software.

NASA Weather Archive

Provides archive of weather images taken by the space shuttle and other NASA satellite systems.

NASA World Wide Web Information Services

Contains news and resources of value to a variety of people. Provides scientific information for professionals as well as educational information for teachers and students.

NASA-JSC Digital Image Collection

Featuresa more than 9,000 images since the Mercury space program.

National Center for Atmospheric Research

Consists of several scientific divisions and programs working together with member universities on research activities to better understand Earth's climate systems. Includes information on resources, facilities, and services; the research data archives; and weather-related information.

National Center for Biotechnology Information

Responsible for building, maintaining, and distributing GenBank, the NIH genetic sequence database that collects all known DNA sequences from scientists world-wide. Also provides searchable database for DNA sequences.

National Chipcard Forum

Provides information about smartcards and chipcards on the net, as well as on the outcome of the forum's studies and projects. Also presents brochures and more.

National Hurricane Center Tropical Prediction Center

Contains resources for the researcher, advanced student, and hobbyist interested in the latest information on tropical weather conditions, as well as archival information on weather data and maps. Provides links to other NOAA information and satellite data.

National Marine Fisheries Service

Provides services and products to support domestic and international fisheries management operations, fisheries development, trade and industry assistance activities, enforcement, protected species and habitat conservation operations, and the scientific and technical aspects of NOAA's marine fisheries program. Offers links to oceanographic information, particularly data concerning fish life.

National Museum of Natural History

Provides information about the museum, exhibits, and what a visitor might expect. Contains useful information about various programs and several searchable databases.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Contains information about various radio astronomy labs as well as information on a variety of subjects broken down into the following major categories: telescopes, major initiatives, astronomical tools and general information.

National Science Foundation

Provides information on government funded efforts to improve science in this country. Also provides information on past and present grant information and presents NSF publications.

National Severe Storms Laboratory

Provides information about the laboratory, including current research and programs. Does not offer specific information on severe weather but does provide links to sites that do. Also includes an extensive list of links to "Web literacy" sites.

National Society Of Black Engineers at SDSU

Provides information about the organization, links to other chapter home pages and an assortment of links to other Web sites. Also includes membership information.

National Weather Service

Provides all information output by the NWS, including national and international weather in graphical and textual formats, and information about regional offices. Also offers links to NOAA and other NWS programs.

Nature Described: Learning to Look at the World

Provides historical data about nature and botany.

Nature Pictures


Contains numerous images of animals and natural landscapes.

NCSA Relativity Group

Provides software tools, original documents (on black holes, cosmology, hydrodynamics, and so on), scientific movies, multimedia exhibits, and visualization projects.

NEMO - Oceanographic Data Server

Provides a collection of data sets for physical oceanographers. Offers many holdings only to local users. Offers information on shore temperature and winds to all users.

Netlib Repository at UTK/ORNL

Contains a large number of downloadable math-related programs (most of the software is shareware). Contains papers about different research on mathematical topics, many of which involve computers. Also offers links to other math-related databases.

NetVet Veterinary Resources & the Electronic Zoo

Provides lists for animal resources. Includes links organized by animal (cats, dogs, insects, and so forth), electronic publications, legislation, organizations, biology, and medicine.

NetVet Veterinary Resources

Provides information related to veterinary medicine. Offers the Electronic Zoo, a large collection of animal-related computer resources.

Neurosciences on the Internet

Lists sites suggested as starting points for exploring neuroscience. Also lists some essential biological and medical resource sites and some World Wide Web sites invaluable for any type of information retrieval.

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

Conducts research and publishes results of the studies for the general public as well as geologic and minerals specialists.

New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources!

Provides a database of mineral images from New Mexico as well as a geologic map.

Niel's Timelines and Scales of Measurement List

Provides information in the areas of evolution time, geological time, scales of measurement, and so forth.

NOAA Coastal & Estuarine Oceanography Branch

Contains information on the physics of coastal waterways and the movement of the waters and the causes of these movements.

NOAA Home Page

Provides information about National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) research, current weather information, and links to all other NOAA projects. Also includes latest news involving NOAA and the NOAA mission statement. Includes information about seasonal forecasts, fisheries, protected species, coastal ecosystems, and navigation.

NOAA Paleoclimatology Program

Includes searchable databases on climate modeling, ice cores, paleoceanographic, paleovegetation, tree-ring, and other data. Provides alternate search engines for users who cannot use tables.

Nondestructive Testing Information Analysis Center Home Page

Contains current and past issues of the NTIAC Newsletter, calendars of events, calls for papers, NDE book reviews, cross links to other NDE sites, and other information.

Northridge Earthquake Simulation using Tres3D with Recursive Grid Refinement

Contains movies, graphics, audio, and background information on the January 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake.

NRC Biotechnology Research Institute

Provides information about the Biotechnology Research Institute (BRI) of the National Research Council of Canada. BRI has more than 400 specialists and state-of-the-art facilities and equipments to perform cutting-edge R&D in biopharmaceuticals, environmental biotechnology and bioprocess.

NU Student Chapter ASCE

Provides information regarding the American Society of Civil Engineers. Includes information concerning membership, and offers a calendar and information about other chapters.

Nuclear Physics

Contains a catalog of sites pertaining to the field of physics. Contains a variety of links to sites, an alphabetical listing that consists predominately of links to research centers around the world but also includes links to a variety of associations.

Nye Labs

Houses PBS's Bill Nye the Science Guy. Serves as a place for students to learn science and have fun at the same time. Includes a set of links to science on the Web, show listings, and activities to do at home.

Ocean Planet Home Page

Presents an online version of an exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History. Also contains many resources.

Oceanography Links: Oceanography on the World Wide Web

Lists Web sites dealing with the field of oceanography. There are sub listings of educational and government institutions as well as listings of other online resources such as images, project descriptions and research articles.

Olivetti Research Laboratory

Contains research reports on various activities of the Lab in the area of computer multimedia architecture, gestural input, face recognition, etc. Also of interest is the link to "The World Right Now" which shows live outdoor images from different parts of the world. Also available in Italian.

On Being A Scientist: Responsible Conduct In Research

Presents a publication that addresses issues relevant to being a responsible scientist and researcher. Covers issues including values, experimental technique, authorship practices, and the scientist in society.

On Board STS-70

Provides data about the current Space Shuttle mission. Includes images, schedules, mission information, video clips, technical information. Lets you access status reports for every day for the last two years, including things to be done, concerns, and activities undertaken that day.

Online Earth Science Journals

Lists online resources for earth science.

Online Image Archiver

Presents math-related images, such as Mobius strips and Kleinband.

Online Resources for Groundwater Studies

List online resources for groundwater studies.

Parallel Ocean Program (POP) Simulation

Simulates the global ocean circulation. Covers research is being conducted by scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Naval Postgraduate School. Contains an array of images as well as mpeg movies.

Periodic Table of the Elements: WebElements

Contains a periodic table from which you can select an element and get more information including atomic number, weight, electrons, radii, nuclear charge, temperatures, and other highly specific information.

Periodic Table of the Elements

Contains a periodic table from which you can select an element and get more information, including atomic number, weight, electrons, and a history of its discovery.

Physical Science

Offers links of science resources on the Web, indexed according to California curriculum guidelines.

Physics and Space Technology Directorate

Provides information on physics particularly pertaining to space technology.

Physics Around the World

Provides a catalog of physics and related resources in the Web. Includes all major fields in physics, science education, history of science, physical constants, laws, data and tables, journals, software, and more. Also includes bulletin boards for summer schools and workshops and for buying and selling used instruments and equipment.

Physics Demonstrations at UC Berkeley

Demonstrations for the subjects of mechanics, waves, heat and matter, electricity, magnetism, and optics.

Physics Education Group, Kansas State University

Focuses on research and development in physics learning with emphasis on applications and technology and quantum physics.

Physics News

Contains up-to-date information on current events in the world of physics. Offers a listing of various online publications and resource sites.

Physics Problems

Contains more than 30 problems in basic concepts, mechanics, and thermal physics.

Physics Servers and Services Around the World

Serves as a starting place to find physics resources on the Internet. Includes links to academic institutions, organizations, documents, and mailing lists.

Physics Unbound

Contains collection of texts about issues and topics in physics. Encourages readers to add to the wealth of knowledge already present.

Physics World Electronic News

An online newsletter. Allows subscribers to receive e-mail that provides an up-to-date account of news in the field of physics.

Planetary Society Home Page, The

Encourages the exploration of the solar system and the search for extraterrestrial life. Provides information about organization projects, urgent space news, activities for the classroom, and links to information on the Internet.

Point Source Ltd

Designs and manufactures customized fiberoptic and laser diode systems for the photonics industry. Provides flexible fiberoptic solutions to equipment manufacturers and research establishments throughout the world.

Precision Large-Scale Dimensional Metrology / Measurement

Offers precision large scale measurement, typically dimensional measurements with .001 inch accuracy.

Principia Consulting Home Page

Offers training on Mathematica; gives Mathematica support; and does custom programming. Lists fees and availability of training. Provides information on tuning performance with Mathematica.

Projects in Scientific Computing

National Science Foundation Research Center. Online version of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC)'s annual publication. Features current research in various fields, written at a nonspecialist level.

Purdue SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space)

Provides information about Purdue SEDS group and serves as place to discuss space exploration and development.

Quantum Books Home Page

Online technical bookstore. Specializes in computer topics such as the Internet, programming, and graphics, as well as in books pertaining to mathematics and physics.

Quantum Magazine Home Page

Provides information about Quantum magazine. Contains primarily physics-related contents, but does include a "toy store" of "mathematical amusements." Includes back issues and a sample.

Rain Forest Action Network Home Page

Discusses environmental issues of the rain forest. Includes numerous reports, statistics, information on other groups, and lists of who to boycott. Also presents a children's corner and information about what you can do.

Rainforest Workshop Home Page

Provides information about the rainforest. Contains many links to Internet resources, including lesson plans, plant and animal information, ecology, and more.

REINAS Instrumentation Tour

Attempts to create a laboratory for real-time and retrospective meteorological and oceanographic science. Lets you visit each of the REINAS instrument sites scattered around the Monterey Bay area and query the various meteorological and oceanographic instruments at these sites, as well as create real-time plots of recent instrument data.

Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) Home Page

Provides many links to information about reliability engineering. Also provides information on RAC products and offers a large collection of learning resources.

Reliability Analysis Center Web Server

Collects, analyzes, and disseminates data and information to improve the reliability, maintainability, and quality of components and systems. Publishes databooks, standards, procedural manuals, and a quarterly journal. Provides experts for small and large consulting efforts, with many funding mechanisms available for government agencies and contractors. Offers a bibliographic search form and a database of reliability-related software tools, along with descriptions of products and training courses.

SAE at Michigan Tech

The Society of Automotive Engineers Student Chapter at Michigan Technological University. Provides information about current projects that focus on redesigning car engines.

Safari Splash

Links people around the world and in classrooms to students and experts diving in an ocean environment. Features the Safari Touch Tank, in which you click on an image of plants and animals to call up a description, large image, 3D animation, and Webster definition of item you choose.

San Diego Supercomputer Center

National laboratory for computational science and engineering established in 1985. Advances research and promotes United States economic competitiveness with state-of-the-art computational tools. Features a variety of collaborative research and educational programs, high-performance computational and visualization tools, and a nationally recognized staff.

Sargent Welch Scientific Company

Lists catalog items and links them to science education references on the Web. Includes MSDS, safety checklist, and other references.

Satellite Oceanography Laboratory

Contains real-time data for meteorology and oceanography, as well as images and archives of publications. Includes video footage and offers the capability to make comments on the site and its contents.

Saxon Publishers; Inc. Home Page

Presents online catalog and a math challenge program.

School of Chemistry, Queensland University of Technology

Provides staff contact information, courses, activities and research profiles, and other items of interest. Also contains pages for the Centre of Instrumental and Developmental Chemistry and the Queensland Branch of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

School of Civil Engineering - Curtin Uni, Perth, Western Australia

Focuses on civil engineering around the world.

School of Zoology, La Trobe University

Contains a library of downloadable GIF images.

Science and Technology Corporation (STC)

Specializes in the atmospheric and environmental sciences.

Science Television

Specializes in producing programs for the professional and educational use of the scientific community. Provides MPEG clips that help visualize complex sets of scientific data.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library

Caters to the information needs of the research and educational activities of Scripps Institution.

Sea Surface Temperature Satellite Images

Provides access to the University of Rhode Island, Graduate School of Oceanography's archive of sea surface temperature satellite images. Also includes an online lesson plan for teachers who want to incorporate the images into a lesson.

Sea World Animal Information Database

Provides teacher's guides, visitor's guides, preschool program information, and an "Ask Shamu" page.

Sea World/Busch Gardens

Contains several information booklets pertaining to numerous areas of study. Provides kids information on killer whales, bottlenose dolphins, gorillas, lions, manatees and more in the Animal Information Database. Also tells how to set up an aquarium.

SeaWiFS Project[md]Home Page

Provides access into the background, status and documentation for NASA's upcoming global ocean color monitoring mission. Offers online documentation on this project, including educational resources.

SEDS Internet Space Warehouse

Contains many links to space resources on the Internet, a few multimedia documents, and information about the organization.

Seismological Laboratory

Provides many seismology-related resources, including the record of the day, recent earthquake activity, and publications.

SelectSite Ocean Technology

Provides pointers to businesses that specialize in ocean technology. Also lists conferences and reference sites, some of which might have something to offer someone doing nonbusiness research.

Sensors and Instrument Technology Planetary Tour Guide

Contains links to Web sites that have tours of the planets.

Sky Online[md]Home Page

Contains information and a large number of resources. Also contains a regularly updated listing of astronomical events.

Smithsonian Gem & Mineral Collection

Contains nearly 100 images and short description of gems and minerals.

Society for Scientific Exploration, The

Explores issues ignored or not studied adequately in the mainstream scientific community. Contains abstracts to some articles published in their journal.

SoftShell Online

Offers discussions and information on chemistry topics, including electronic publishing, the free ChemWeb GIF structure editor, and other chemistry software (such as ChemWindow and ChemIntosh). Focuses on world-wide access to chemical information. Presents a magazine in which anything can be published. Serves as a resource, a classroom, a library, a bulletin board, and a hangout.

Software Engineering Archives

Provides information regarding software engineering. Offers links to other related information. Includes searchable archives by vendor, category, or name.

Software Reviews from the CTI Centre for Chemistry

Reprints software reviews from the Centre's journal Software Reviews. Helps educators and researchers locate appropriate chemistry-related software.

Solar System Live

Allows you to view a model of the solar system. Offers adjustable settings so you can see how the solar system would be at any given time or on any given date.

Southern Cross Astronomical Society

Lets you check out the Southern Cross Astronomical Society.

Space Explorer's Guide

Contains links to space resources all over the globe by country. Provides information on space news and jobs.

Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) Real-time Data

Includes weather information and ocean temperatures.

Space Settlement

Provides information on developing orbital space settlements including who, what, where, when, and how much.

Spie Home Page

Provides membership information. Lets you order publications online and search publication archives.

SRI's Optical Technology Group

Performs research in optics and related disciplines and applies optical and infrared technologies to practical problems. Includes research in optical oceanography and laser eye and sensor protection.

StarBits[md]Acronyms, Abbreviations, and so on

Furnishes a searchable dictionary/glossary of astronomy acronyms, abbreviations, and so on.

StarWorlds[md]Astronomy and Related Organizations

Furnishes a searchable listing of the addresses of organizations, institutions, associations, companies, and so on, involved in astronomy and related space sciences.

Statistical Reports on U.S. Science and Engineering

Includes the education of scientists and engineers, the science and engineering work force, research and development expenditures and performance, science and technology outputs and impacts, and public attitudes on science.

STELAR Project Demos

Study of Electronic Literature for Astronomical Research. Explores the use of electronic means for improving access to scientific literature, and using astronomical publications to evaluate distribution, search, and retrieval techniques for full text and graphics display. Contains a listing of hypertext journal articles on astronomy.

Stellwagen Bank Information System

Contains information on a variety of subjects.

Steven M. Christensen and Associates; Inc.

Offers scientific computing software. Provides information on MathTensor, Schur, and Mathematica. Also offers consulting, which includes porting software to Sun systems. Offers links to Mathgroup, a Mathematica support group.

Stream Technologies Inc.

Produces and markets advanced object-oriented software tools for multimedia document processing.


Provides information relating to the topic of superplasticity. Offers literature databases, experimental results, and software relating to superplasticity.

Supplements to Atmospheric & Oceanic Publications

Provides data sets, source codes, and other supplements to published papers on the web. Includes the means for visitors to the listing to add their own supplemental material if appropriate.

Systems Realization Laboratory

Develops mechanical design techniques, higher learing, and environmentally friendly designs.

TAMU Oceanography Welcome Page

Contains a variety of information. Includes a section on questions about careers in oceanography. Also offers links to online journals and research articles/resources.

Technology Review Magazine

Covers technology and its implications. Addresses the practical applications of science, as opposed to laboratory breakthroughs and theoretical abstractions. Emphasizes policy issues rather than nuts and bolts.

The AECOM/MMC Department of Radiation Oncology Department Home Page

Describes the radiation oncology department of The Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and the Montefiore Medical Center. Includes links to cancer resources for patients and doctors. Also offers links to radiation oncology resources.

The American Nuclear Society

Provides information on membership, upcoming conferences, links to student chapters, and links to other WWW resources.

The American Physical Society

Publishes a variety of journals and offers several services both of a professional and educational nature.

The Art of Renaissance Science: Galileo and Perspective

Features the life of Galileo, including many images from the period; based on a videotape entitled "The Art of Renaissance Science: Galileo and Perspective."

The Beauty of Chaos

Provides interactive journey through fractal images. Takes you through most of the database, which consists of hundreds of images.

The Canard's Aviator's page

Provides information for the aviation enthusiast. Offers links to Canard aircraft that provide information on each aircraft and other related information.

The Center for Anthropology and Journalism

Serves as a resource site for journalists, media, and science writers who want to contact anthropologists and for anthropologists who want information about communicating with a wider audience.

The Data Zoo

Contains data collected by various California coastal data collection programs and studies.

The Electronic Textbook: Integrated Course in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics

Contains information in the areas of trigonomics, velocity, acceleration, Newton's Laws, chaotic systems, and more.

The Face of Venus Home Page

Offers an interactive tour of the surface of Venus.

The Florida Center for Environmental Studies' Home Page

Provides environmental resources concerning the management of Florida ecosystems and other tropical and subtropical water dominated freshwater and estuarine ecosystems world-wide.

The Fractal Microscope

Provides information on basic fractals, why they should be discussed, their purposes in the real world, and why supercomputers are necessary for fractals.

The Fractals calendar home page

Provides information on obtaining the Fractal calendar, a calendar specifically designed to show off some of the newer discoveries in fractal mathematics. Also offers previous editions of the calendar.

The Froggy Page

Offers links to frog resources on the Internet. Includes links to frog sounds (including the Budweiser frogs), frogs in fairy tales, rewritten frog songs, famous frogs, and scientific information.

The Health and Retirement Study (HRS)

Studies retirement and the aging of society.

The Heart: A Virtual Exploration

Provides information suitable to elementary aged children on virtually every aspect of the cardiopulmonary system, including structure, function and care. Includes downloadable information on everything from listening to heart murmurs to watching open heart surgery. Offers a few activities designed for the classroom to help children understand heart function and care.

The HEASARC Video Archive

Contains a directory of video clips that highlight high energy astrophysics missions (in various formats).

The Henrietta Leavitt Flat Screen Space Theater

Explores astronomy topics in a planetarium-show style, designed to open astronomy to a wide variety of readers.

The Hyena Pages

Offers information, including frequently asked questions on hyenas, especially spotted hyenas.

The Institute for Work & Health

Ontario-based research, quality improvement, and education organization. Researches the underlying factors of workplace health and disability, evaluates designated Ontario rehabilitation facilities, and provides pertinent and timely information on workplace health and rehabilitation to health care workers and stakeholders through education products and workshops.

The Interactive Physics Problem Set

Contains almost 100 practice problems accompanied by detailed solutions and interactive computer experiments.

The International Occultation Timing Association (I.O.T.A.) Home Page

Specializes in organizing reliable ways to view occultations and eclipses. Provides information on how nonmembers can become involved. Offers a list of recent members addresses to help you locate a member near you who would be willing to help you properly view occultations and eclipses.

The Laws List

Online dictionary of physics terms and ideas. Covers laws, rules, principles, effects, paradoxes, limits, constants, experiments, and thought-experiments in physics.

The Long Duration Exposure Facility

Describes the LDEF satellite, which contained 57 experiments and spent 69 months in space. Provides the baseline on space environments and their effects.

The Marine Biological Laboratory

Contains basic information about the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and laboratory and its research. Includes the MBL/WHOI library.

The Nanoworld Home Page

Provides links to several resources. Offers an image database of microscopic images.

The NASA Astrophysics Data System Home Page[md]Classic System

Offers free software, developed and operated on behalf of NASA, aimed at the astrophysics community. Provides access to a variety of astronomical data for the scientific user community. Presents a tutorial that allows users to get a taste for the software.

The National Center for Atmospheric Research

Presents high-resolution simulation of the North Atlantic Ocean that represents circulation, designed to show the utility of some current scientific visualization tools to interpret highly complex data[md]making these data both meaningful and instructive to the viewer.

The NIH Guide to Molecular Modeling

Features information on modeling, software, and images.

The Nine Planets

An online textbook about the nine planet and their moons. Contains basic factual information. Presents a multimedia tour of the solar system, an essay about the solar system using text, pictures, sounds, and an occasional movie. Describes each of the planets and major moons briefly and illustrates them using pictures from NASA spacecraft.

The North West Artificial Intelligence Applications Group

Promotes the application of artificial intelligence.

The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd.

Produces numerical, symbolic, statistical, and visualization software for science, engineering, financial analysis, and research.

The Oceanography Society

Offers general membership information. Maintains a news posting system. Covers a wide variety of topics ranging from highly scientific issues to elementary level oceanography education under the "News System" heading.

The Pathfinder Cafe

Contains more than 28,000 images. Serves as resource for finding oceanography images. Provides an interface for acquiring and viewing Pathfinder images.

The SocioWeb

Provides sociological information.

The Storm Chaser Home Page

Includes information about storm chasers, a photo gallery of storms, and the latest news about the Storm Chasers group. Also provides information about storm chasing at home, including how to contact the NWS.

The Virtual Emu

A biodiversity and bird conservation group in Australia. Features a library of bird images and listings of threatened birds.

The Web Nebulae

Contains a collection of images of various objects in our galaxy. Includes images and explains how to classify nebulae.

THE WEB STATION[md]New Media Science

Serves Nordic companies and institutions that want to strengthen their position in their markets by using multimedia as one of several business tools.

The World Factbook 1994

CIA publication. Contains geographic, government, and demographic information about all the countries in the world. Includes maps.

The World of Soaring

Contains links to sailplane information around the world, organized by country.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Mathematics

Provides links to all things mathematical. Includes jumps to math software, gophers, newsgroups, electronic journals, preprints, bibliographies, TeX Archives, and high school and university math sites.

The World-Wide Web home page of the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC)

Contains general information on astronomy. Enables users to access programs and full text copies of articles from several CD-ROMs.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library : Electrical Engineering

Provides links to information useful for electric engineers. Includes links to manufacturers of products, academic institutions. Also includes announcements on upcoming events.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Aerospace

Offers collection of links on aerospace engineering.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Oceanography

Provides links to a variety of Internet resources on oceanography. Offers links to Web resources by geographic area. Links to the "What's New" link, which contains a listing of sites that have recently announced or renovated their web sites.

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Physics

Offers a general listing of physics sites. Also contains links to listings of more specific sites on geophysics, astrophysics, nuclear physics, and energy science.

The World_Wide Web Virtual Library: Industrial Engineering

Provides a collection of links to resources concerning industrial engineering. Includes academic programs, other relevant places, and commercial/ professional entities.

The Young Scientists' Network

Tries to help new scientists get established in the scientific community. Presents a newsletter and provides job listings.

Threatened Fauna in Australia: a select bibliography

Provides peferences on Australia's threatened species, conservation, the greenhouse effect, and environmental legislation.

TIGER Mapping Service

Allows you to generate a high-quality, detailed map of anywhere in the United States, using public geographic data.

TMP at Imperial College London

Uses Mathematica to make learning modules for first year university science and engineering students. Provides learning modules for calculus, algebra, matrices, and so on.

Todd's Atomic Home Page

Provides a collection of nuclear energy-related resources, ranging from detailed designs of atomic bombs to comprehensive reviews of advanced nuclear reactors.

Topex/Poseidon The Ocean Topography Experiment

Cooperative project between the United States and France to develop and operate an advanced satellite system dedicated to observing the Earth's oceans. Contains archives and updates for the project.

Transmath[md]A CBL Mathematics Tutor

Offers mathematics courseware using Toolbook (hypertext) documents with Microsoft Windows. Provides instruction on algebra, matrices, vectors, and sequences.

Tree of Life, The

Serves as "a map to biological information," a cooperative group of WWW sites on the Internet. Provides information on biology arranged like a phylogenetic tree: the farther along you go, the more specific the information becomes.

Tropical Storms

Displays images of hurricanes from around the world and provides data pertaining to those storms: where they're going, their strength, and more. Also provides numerous links to other related sites, including FAQs and text files.

U.I.A. Freshwater biology (The Chironomid home page)

Focuses on Chironomidae (nonbiting midges). Provides several bibliographies with scientific papers, lists of colleagues around the world, and more. Also provides the possibility to ask questions or share general messages.

U.S. Department of the Interior/Geological Survey/Pacific Marine Geology

Contains different resources. Strives to address key marine and coastal issues, increase understanding of geological processes affecting these realms, and ultimately improve predictive capabilities to help guide the preservation and sustainable development of the Nation's marine and coastal regions. Offers links to information on seismic activity, information on the Monteray bay area, and sea floor images. Also features a link to a more graphic intensive version of the site.

U.S. Gazetteer

Identifies places you can use the Tiger Map Server and the 1990 Census Lookup to view. Lets you search for a place by entering the name and state abbreviation.

U.S. Geological Survey: Earth and Environmental Science

Offers links to pages about earthquakes, federal emergency management, oceanography, earth science, geology, and more.

U.S. JGOFS Home Page

Contains information on current professional programs and studies. Includes current images of the world's major oceans as viewed with satellite technology. Also contains recent oceanography references on the Web.

U.S. WOCE Home Page

Provides information about the present United States WOCE plans and details the status of current work.

UAB Thermal and Fluids Engineering Group

Focuses on computational/experimental research-related to modeling problems, primarily those involving fluids and heat transfer interactions.


Provides information about the Electric Car project and offers a collection of links to student engineering groups and organizations, along with research-related links.

UCSD Optoelectronic Computing Group

Researches and develops massively parallel optoelectronic computer systems using the optimal utilization of microelectronic and photonic technologies. Pursues a plan of research that spans the areas of optoelectronic materials and devices, diffractive and micro-optics, nonlinear optics, optical storage technologies, parallel computing algorithms and architectures, including database and neural systems, computer modeling, and optoelectronic packaging.

Understanding Our Planet Through Chemistry

Explains the history of the Earth and the chemistry involved in its formation.

UniData Corporation

Provides information about Unidata's weather-related products and services. Also includes up-to-date meteorological examples of its products and information.

Union Matematica Argentina

Organizes workshops, talks, and so on, and edits several magazines in mathematics and eduaction.

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Geneva

Contains many treaties and programs on preserving the environment. Includes information on topics including the "Convention on Biodiversity," climate change, endangered species, and toxic chemicals.

University of California Museum of Paleontology, The: bringing life's past and people together

Presents dinosaurs and fossils. Simulates a visit to a real museum of paleontology. Allows you to visit different exhibits to discover fossil images, background data, and geological information.

University of Houston Industrial Engineering

Provides information on how to contact the editors, the requirements for submissions, subscription information, and highlights of the current issue. Also enables you to search the old issues from 1994 and 1995.

University of Illinois Weather Machine


Provides up-to-the-minute graphical and textual weather information from around the United States. Includes satellite imagery, infrared imagery, and visible shots taken from NOAA satellites. Also includes archives of weather events and links to other weather related gopher sites around the world.

University of Illinois-Institute of Aviation Wx Page

Offers list of several aviation-related images and textual information.

University of Utah Physics Department

Offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in physics and instrumentation. Includes experimental astroparticle physics, relativity theory, high energy particle theory, experimental and theoretical condensed matter physics, and medical physics.

USC's Mercury Project

The Mercury Project. Involves a tele-garden with which you can view and interact [md]water the plants, plant more plants, and view the the progress of the garden using the Web and a robotic arm you can control.

Usenet FAQs: Space

Presents FAQ list of general questions about planetary probes or information about solar system bodies.

UTK Office of Research Administration

Promotes and adminsters research and creative programs at the University and Tennessee, Knoxville. Offers information on funding sources, university research policies and procedures, and information about research and creative accomplishments at UTK.

UW Sea Grant Home Page

"The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute is part of a national network of 29 university-based programs of research, outreach, and education dedicated to the protection and sustainable use of the United States' ocean and Great Lakes resources. UW Sea Grant research and outreach are currently focused on Great Lakes fisheries, toxic contaminants, water quality, aquaculture, seafood technology, estuarine and coastal processes, policy studies, biotechnology, diving safety, nonindigenous aquatic species and education."

Vibrant Technology, Inc.

Offers a downloadable application demo for a modal analysis system for viewing and analyzing noise and vibration in structures.

Video Vita

Produces edutainment products in mathematics, science, and technology. Offers an online video sample.

Views of the Solar System

Offers an educational view of the solar system. Contains images and information about the sun, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and meteoroids.

Virginia Geotechnical Services

Specializes in geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental services, and construction monitoring. Provides useful information concerning professional consulting, the environment, and business practice.

Virtually Hawaii

Provides easy access to Earth and space science data. Focuses on Hawaii. Offers a database of satellite, space shuttle, and aircraft remote sensing images of Hawaii. Allows you to view image navigators for Landsat, Spaceborne Radar, or Aerial photographic images. Also includes a collection of images in oceanography, meteorology, and volcanology.

Virus Databases Online

Provides links to Internet resources on biological viruses. Includes links to plant and animal viruses, tutorials, genome sequences, and virus news.


Provides information on volcanos. Includes current news, images and articles about eruptions, background information, and an online expert who answers questions.


Offers a collection of multimedia documents pertaining to various aspects of "alternative" science, including warp technology, fantasy stories of time travel, quantum mechanics, and so on.

Warren Faidley's Storm Chasing Home Page

Presents photos of severe weather taken by Warren Faisley, full-time storm chaser.

Waterloo Fractal Compression Page

Provides information on fractal compression software and papers on fractal compression.

Weather and Climate Images

Offers short- and medium-range forecasts for North America and current weather maps and climate anomaly models for the rest of the world. Provides a key to the weather maps and a table of weather symbols.

Weather and Global Monitoring

Provides pointers to various weather services world-wide.

Weather Channel, The

Includes information about the Weather Channel and also provides novice weather enthusiasts with simple weather maps.

Weather Information Server

Provides weather information.

Weather Net

Tries to list every weather-related link on the Internet. Includes not only WWW sites, but FTP sites, gophers, and telnet sites. Includes commercial sites as well as educational and governmental.

Weather Page

Lists weather links out of Harvard University. Includes brief descriptions of each link. Also provides links to aviation information.

WeatherBoy's Weather Tools

Lists links to earth science sites. Focuses on weather-related sites.

WebStars: Astrophysics in Cyberspace

Provides information about astronomy. Contains online journals as well as searchable indexes/listings of other sites.

Welcome to Coastal America's Home Page

The Coastal America program is a collaborative effort between organizations to protect the ecological systems and wildlife of America's coastal regions. Provides general information on the program itself and placeholders for more specific information yet to come.

Welcome to Internet Directory of Biotechnology Resources

Provides information on biotechnology engineering on the Internet.

Welcome to Loch Ness Productions

Specializes in producing planetarium program materials. Includes access to samples of planetarium music and art, as well as a listing of planetariums around the world.

Welcome to OCEANIC

Maintains information on World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE), TOGA Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Response Experiment (TOGA COARE), research ship information and cruise schedules, and other oceanographic information sources.

Welcome to Project CLEA

Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy. Contains educational resources that can be used to incorporate astronomy into science curriculum.

Welcome to SkyView

Serves as a virtual observatory on the net that allows visitors to view a generated image of any part of the sky in a variety of wavelengths.

Welcome to the Institute of Physics

Provides information in the field of physics. Restricts use of some items and aspects to registered members only. Users that choose to register can browse text abstracts or download full text versions of any article. To register you must be a member of a subscribing institution.

Welcome to the Laboratory for Terrestrial Physics

Provides information, documents and simulations related to terrestrial physics. Features links to images of various terrestrial phenomena, such as magnetic models of the crust.

Welcome to the Planets

Presents collection of photos from NASA, organized by planet and the space craft that took the picture. Also includes textual explanations of the photos.

Wolfram Research; Makers of Mathematica

Provides product information, news releases, a demo, and an electronic library. Also offers training tour and a graphics and sound gallery.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

Contains general oceanographic information. Includes a listing of oceanography web sites.

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

Seeks to investigate natural and human-made soundscapes. Offers links to sound resources and links to the online discussion forum.

World List of Insect Families

Contains a searchable list of insect families around the world.

Wormhole Interactive

Serves both educational and entertaining purposes. Focuses on wormholes.

WWW Archive for Electric Power Engineering Education

Provides resources for electric power educators. Focuses on the Asia-Pacific region. Also provides information about books and software packages.

X-ray and Gamma-Ray Coefficients

Displays graphic presentation of all X-ray and gamma-ray coeffcients. Includes links to other nuclear data and a program for calculating shielding and dose deposition.

Xerox PARC Map Viewer

Allows you to click on a region and zoom in to to see more detailed areas. Offers an easy way to generate regional maps of the world.

Yale NMR Research Group

Concentrates on biomedical magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.

Zoological Record

Contains links to various zoological resources. Provides an online glossary.




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