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The Association for Research and Enlightenment, Inc., a nonprofit organization that sponsors activities, services, and outreach throughout the world. Serves as the international headquarters of the work of Edgar Cayce, an oft-documented psychic. Seeks to preserve, research, and make available insights from Cayce's information.

Aesclepian Chronicles

A monthly journal, online version. Takes a fresh look at complementary medicine and its relationship to conventional medicine. Includes articles and ongoing columns about what's new in the mind-body approach.

Almitra Tapes

Offers a series of self-help audio cassette tapes of meditations and contemplations. Offers guidance and insight into topics of concern to everyone on the path, including self-help, spiritual guidance, healing relationships, or the next step in recovery; whether you're in pain and crisis or just looking for answers to life's questions. Provides primarily in English, incluses some Spanish and some French.

Astral Projection Home Page

Offers links to other resources dealing with astral projection, out-of-body experiencess, and lucid dreams. Provides many different resources, including newsgroups, articles, books, organizations and institutions. Annotates some of the resources.


Offers astrological profile reports, including charts and interpretations for lovers, past lives, career-minded adults, adult/children birth potentials, relocation possibilities, and daily forecasting reports.

Cosmic Web

Presents a "cosmic forum" concerned with the well-being and evolution of planet earth. Provides a daily meditation section, an events section, the Cosmic Web Journal, and the Cosmic Love Link. Includes the Cosmic Online Bookstore, which offers new age books, audiotapes, and videos.

How To Talk New Age

Contains definitions of various new age terms. Each letter of the alphabet lists one to three terms (such as K, for Karma). Provides cartoons for some terms.

Interlude: An Internet Retreat

Focuses on meditation. Includes meditation archives, prayers, poetry, and bibliography. Offers links to other related sites.

Moksha Foundation

Provides information on Andrew Cohen and his new age teachings. Includes information about Cohen and his teachings, as well as places to obtain his works.


Focuses on Gaia, the planetary superorganism. Includes all the information you need to understand the Neutopian movement. Also offers links to other Neutopia sites.

New Age Web Works

Offers links to new age bookstores and vendors. Also contains articles, book reviews, and poetry. Offers online tarot and I Ching readings. Includes a master list of new age topic links.

NewHeaven NewEarth

Targets people who believe that a "divine plan" is "unfolding" on Earth. Provides information about changes in the earth so you can better understand and prepare for these changes. Also offers some other major and minor links.

Paper Ships Books & Crystals

Celebrates diversity leading to unity. Offers specialty books and products covering areas of spiritual, metaphysical, extra terrestial, angels, sacred geometry, sacred spaces, goddess, Native American, and books for personal and global healing.

Path of Discoveries

Presents a web vehicle for the Paths of Discoveries organization, which hopes to deal with modern problems through ancient wisdom (using Dusty Lobb, who they claim channels the Light of God). Provides information about this group and offers videotapes for sale.

Pepper Press[md]Alexander Material

Focuses on the new age teachings of Alexander, translated by his human host, Ramon Stevens. Includes excerpts from some of his works. Offers a list of works and online ordering.

Salem New Age Center

Contains information on the best new age books, meditation, healing, and alternative medicine. Also covers updates on new conferences and events in the New England area. Offers inspirational pieces, poetry, quotes, and links to other new age sites.

Silicon Phoenix[md]Return to Earth

Targets people who want to know more about new age. Provides information concerning what the new age movement is all about.

Spirit of the Wind

Targets people looking for inner peace through Native American rituals and ceremonies. Promotes natural living. Provides information about the organization's purpose and its purification ceremony.


Includes informative sections about channeling, lightwork, UFO phenomena, and healing methods. Offers links to other sites with information on journals, magazines, and new age. Also offers images, movies, reviews, sound clips, and a bibliography.

Sun Angel

Focuses on spiritual growth. Offers audio tapes, incense, School of Wisdom publications, and other items. Features a numerology reading and a metaphysical random quote service, and lets you ask the Angel Fortune a question.

The Aquarian Age

Focuses on astrology and new age studies. Includes a directory of online astrologers, a section on astrological lore, and a section on divination techniques. Rounds out the site with an informational area for vistors and a romance area.

The Goddess Shoppe Online

Online bookstore. Offers a wide range of items, such as altars, bumper stickers, ceramics, and more.

The Home Page of Summum

Nonprofit organization. promotes the Summum philosophy, based on the "principles of creation" that underlie all existence.

The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness

Contains the teachings of John-Roger. Focuses on becoming aware of oneself as one with God and as a soul. Includes excerpts from books, information on teachings, and some actual teachings. Also features a catalog of products.

The Oracle Home Page

Focuses on metaphysics, the new age movement, and "the unknown in human spirituality, religion, and consciousness." Offers Oracle mailing lists, news, and the Oracle library.

The Rosicrucian Fellowship

Provides information on the Rosicrucian order in California. Includes an HTML library, an ftp library, and online magazine archives. Provides information concerning Rosicrucian study, courses, and book ordering.

White Mountain Education Association

Offers teachings based on a collection of ancient wisdom from the past. Draws upon various religions, philosophies, and teachers. Provides information on the group's teachings, publications, suggested readings, and connections to other sites.

Zodiacal Zepher

Provides astrological information. Includes articles on astrology, charts, book catalogs, and astrological societies, among other items. Offers links to other astrology sites.




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