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Home and Home Repair Links

A-Ball Plumbing Supply

Contains a comprehensive list of plumbing supplies. Also provides information on restoration and preservation and a tour of European plumbing crafters.

ALLDATA Corporation|/

Provides automotive repair information. Contains information on recall notices, technical service bulletins, and locations of ALLDATA repair shops.

Amboan & Badinia Furniture of Spain

Offers online catalog of classic, hand-finished furniture. Also provides a directory of sales representatives world-wide.

American Society of Home Inspectors, The

The national professional and certifying organization of home inspectors in the United States and Canada. Contains information on information for home buyers, owners, and inspectors. Also offers links to other related organizations.


Provides information on property maintenance assessment, partial and relocation inspections, termite, radon, carbon monoxide, and lead-based paint inspections. Also contains an area of frequently asked questions about home inspection.

Auto Repair Hotline

Advertises the services of a 1-900 telephone number that provides how-to information on various auto repair topics.

Bayviewer Chair Company

Provides advertising and ordering information for the Bayviewer Chair Company.

Blue Canyon Woodworks

Advertises Blue Canyon Woodworks, makers of New Mexican furniture. Offers several images of products and provides, ordering information.

Bombay Company

Provides advertising information on the products of the Bombay Company, including furniture, wall decor, and gift items.

Builders Graphics

Contains builders graphics, information on CAD (computer aided drafting), tips for homeowners, construction terminology, links to housing-related WWW sites, and a style gallery. Also offers ready-to-build house plans for sale or to teach you how to create your own.

Carole Boleman: Landscape Architect

Advertises Boleman's landscaping design services, but also provides interesting information on her residential and subdivision entry designs and how she uses computer-aided design.

Carpet Connection of America

Gives examples of colors, textures, fibers, and styles of carpet. Also provides a cost and information guide on buying hardwood and vinyl flooring and links to carpet manufacturers.

Carpeteria's Home Page

Offers valuable information on carpet styles and textures, lifestyle ratings for various types of carpets, and links to other fiber manufacturers.

Centre for Landscape Research (CLR), The

Provides a collaborative environment for the exploration of ideas related to the design, planning, and policies of the environment. Focuses primarily on developing and utilizing electronic media to foster more informed decision-making.

Chrysler Power Magazine

Provides up-to-date features on Chrysler Corporation offerings, past and future, in-depth technical explanations for restoration buffs, parts sources and advertisers with almost any new or old part for Chrysler's entire production history, and a showtime section that lists more than 100 Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge specific shows each year.

Colton Inc.

Advertises the products of Colton Inc., a drapery manufacturing company in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cottage Furniture

Advertises products of Cottage Furniture, makers of handmade furniture. Also provides a history of cottage furniture and some images of various pieces.

Crazy Creek Products

Advertises products offered by Crazy Creek, including the original Crazy Creek chair and the ThermaLounger. Also provides various accessories and ordering information.

Dalton Carpet Outlets

Provides a listing of carpet dealers in Dalton, GA, home of more than 100 carpet outlets and dealers.

Dan Friedman's Home Page

Provides information on specific topics relating to electrical wiring, plumbing, the environment, structural foundations, heating systems, and chimneys and flues.

Department of the Interior Materials and Engineering and Research Laboratory

Provides information on the research of new materials and methods for concrete maintenance, repair, and preservation. Also presents publications on documenting results of technical studies on conventional and new repair methods and materials; concrete, cultural and historical facilities repair; and new materials and methods for durable, long-lasting grouts.

Domestic Dream[md]Finely Crafted Decorative Shelves Made in Montana

Describes versatile, handcrafted shelving system made using carefully selected quality pine grown in the Great Northwest, which allows you to combine different pieces and lengths to create many different arrangements.

DSS Digital Satellite System

Advertises and describes the new technology of digital satellite systems.

Faucet Outlet Online

Contains selections of faucets. Provides information about installing, choosing, and selecting a faucet.

Final Touch Bath Shop

Advertises products and offers an online shopping guide and catalog. Invites users to help locate hard-to-find bath items.

Floor Coverings International

Advertises products offered by Floor Coverings International. Also provides information on carpet terminology, types of carpet styles and fibers, carpet cleaning, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to carpets.

Furniture, Furniture, Furniture

Offers a collection of links to various furniture manufacturers near Hickory and High Point, North Carolina.

Hill's Plumbing Page

Features a frequently asked questions about plumbing, an area in which you can ask the plumber a question, and plumbing links, as well as ever changing plumbing fun.

Home Builder's Utopia

Serves as a guide to links to professional homebuilders on the Internet. Also lists building associations and products and services.

Home Repair Hotline

Provides information about a 1-900 number that gives instructions related to the following topics: plumbing improvements, electricity, small and large appliances, heating and cooling units, and home improvement projects ($2.49 a minute).

Home Team Home Page, The

Contains information on intelligent home design, lighting controls, standards, security systems, communication systems, and more. Involves many industries and numerous members who represent a wide range, from manufacturing to service providers, all dedicated to spreading the word about the latest technologies for homes, and primarily directed by trade associations. Does not sell any of the products described, other than a few educational products. Provides information and remains neutral and unbiased to the industry.

Indiana Business Directory Home Care/Repair

Offers links to the following Indiana businesses: contractors/builders and related services; heating/air conditioning related services; electric contractors and related services; plumbing contractors and related services; landscaping and related services.

InfoVid Outlet

Contains videos for sale at InfoVid, the educational and how-to video warehouse. Offers a variety of home improvement videos, such as attic conversion, basic carpentry, plumbing, and so on.

Lock Info Worldwide

Contains links to various professional security and lock providers.

Mana Electronics Online

Contains a mail order catalog for consumer electronic products.

Master Lock Company Home Page

Advertises the products of Master Lock. Also contains home and commercial security tips and a news and views section.

Milestone: The Chimney Doctor

Provides information on services offered by the Chimney Doctor. Also contains useful information on safety tips, preventing chimney fires, chimney cleaning, masonry, weatherproofing, screens, and pest removal.

National Consumer Alert Hotline

Provides information on recalls and product warnings. Provides information on many types of appliances, as well as service providers, such as motels, dentists, and carpet cleaners.

OAK Repository

Offers downloadable software that calculates estimates for home repair material costs.

Oasis Interactive

Advertises products by Oasis Interactive. Lists only the personal property identification system.

Quality Woodwork and Supply Inc.

Carries a wide variety of woods, from the common to the exotic, as well as an array of other woodworking supplies. Offers an online price lookup system that allows you to enter the type and amount of wood you need and gives a price for the wood.

Quiltery of Allentown PA, The

Serves as an online shopping guide for The Quiltery, a cottage industry that represents three dozen women from all over the United States. Also contains images of various types of quilts.

Security Plus

Advertises Security Plus, makers of the portable door alarm.

Sudberry House

Displays fine wood accessories used for mounting needlework and crafts, as well as an online color catalog, a factory tour, and many needlework designs.

Swahili Furniture

Advertises products made by Lamu Industries, makers of Swahili furniture, which they derive from old beds and door carvings still used on the island of Lamu. Also displays images of various pieces of the furniture.

Symbol Talk

Advertises meditation pillows made by Symbol Talk. Provides information on the various types and styles of pillows, cloth color, and how to order.

UBC Vancouver School of Architecture Home Page

Contains sections concerning design and architecture: a section on design and machines, a virtual design studio that contains many images, electronic design tutorials, and electronic media courses.

Woodworking Catalog, The

Contains useful information on lumber, hardware, power tools, finishing supplies, books and plans, woodworking schools, workshops, and stores, accessories, hand tools, wooden products, and machinery. Also contains a collection of links to other woodworking-related sites. Offers a downloadable DOS program called Woodpro (a lumber database and wood selection expert system).




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