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History and Humanities Links


Provides information concerning the ancient Near East including information and pictures about specific sites, museum exhibits, journals, and so forth. Provides plenty of resources to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, including reconstruction of sites and texts.

Alexandria, Egypt

Provides information on the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria. Includes history, maps, and visitor information.

American and British History Resources

Provides large archive of links to material concerning American and British history. Offers online books and essays by such people as Francis Bacon, Samuel Johnson, John Locke, William Penn, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson.

American Civilization Internet Resources

Provides compilation of topics and links concerning American studies.

American Classical League Home Page

Provides information about the organization and access to its gopher site, as well as numerous links to other classically related sites, publications, architecture pages, museums, teaching resources, other organizations, and professional resources.

American Memory

Highlights of collections planned for the 1995[md]1996 season include exhibits of African-American pamphlets between Reconstruction and the First World War, photographic panoramas, and materials from the turn-of-the-century American variety stage. Other collections featured include paper print films of the Westinghouse Factory in 1904 and sound files of ethnic folk music from northern California.

American Studies Web

Provides links to every known topic concerning American studies (seriously, this is quite possible). Includes literature, art, history, ethnicity, religion, and so on.

Ancient City of Athens

Includes many images of the historical sites of Athens, Greece. Offers links to other sites concerning Greek history and architecture.

Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935

Focuses on presenting information and literature about the anti-imperialist movement in the United States. Focuses on the period 1898[nd]1935 and provides numerous links to texts by people and organizations active at that time in the movement. Provides backgrounds for different pieces.

Archaeological Survey in the Eastern Desert of Egypt

Contains information about the transdesert trade routes between the Nile Valley and the Red Sea, which linked early Mediterranean civilizations with those of the Indian Ocean between 300 B.C. and A.D. 400.


Provides links to various museum Web pages. Offers a clickable map that provides you with a list of archeological data servers world-wide. Also offers links to various university departments to learn about their course offerings and research programs.

Archive of Materials on Bulgarian Jewry During WW II

Provides an archive of material regarding the rescue of Bulgarian Jews during World Woar II. Offers links to various documents and other sites pertaining to the Holocaust and related Jewish topics. Also provides a short bibliography.

ArchNet: Main Menu

Provides links to and information regarding archaeology on the Internet. Includes the following subject areas: archeometry, ceramics, educational materials, ethnohistory, ethnoarchaeology, geo-archaeology, and more.

Armenian Research Center Home Page

Provides Armenian culture and history, as well as information on the Armenian genocide. Offers a link to the Society for Armenian Studies.

Berlin Wall Falls Project

Presents the collaborative Web project, the "Berlin Wall Falls: Perspectives from 5 Years Down the Road." Involves students and researchers around the globe.

BUBL Information Service Web Server

Offers links to various history sites on the Net. Includes many topics other than history. Contains links to Russian, Vietnam War, United States, French and Indian War, Viking, medieval, and Civil War historical sites.

Castles on the Web

Provides a collection of sites that offer information and pictures to castles from around the world.

CHELP Home Page

Describes the Cornell Halai East Lokris Project.

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Home Page

Focuses on Mediterranean and classical archaeology, but also provides access to all sorts of archaeological links, including articles, journals, projects, exhibits, images, related academics, museums, geographic information, other Internet resources, and more.

Cybrary of the Holocaust

Provides information on the Holocaust. Offers details on the rise of Nazism in Germany and its subsequent effects on the Jews. Includes pictures, eyewitness descriptions of concentration camps, and historical perspectives.


Provides Army and Navy news reels, past issues of the Stars & Stripes newspaper, famous speeches from the National Archives, and a collection of maps and battle plans from the Center for Military History.

Didaskalia: Home Page

Provides information on ancient dance, drama, and music. Also provides access to Didaskalia itself (a journal on the Greek and Roman theater) and other related Internet sites.

Excavations at Catalhoyuk

Covers the excavations of the Neolithic Catalhoyuk. Includes summary of research, interpretation, and reconstructions of the ancient site.

Fair Play

Online magazine. Focuses on giving Lee Harvey Oswald a fair shake. Presents articles concerning various views on the JFK assassination.

George Rarey's Journals of the 379th Fighter Squadron

Provides the journal of a young cartoonist who was drafted into the Army Air Corps in World War II. Documents his various drawings throughout the war. Provides images and accompanying text.

Germany[md]Database of German Nobility

Targets historians and geneologians. Features a database of biographies and portraits of German nobility.

GIS and Remote Sensing for Archaeology: Burgundy, France

Sums up most of the major modern technological techniques for excavating and sensing underground.

Gopher and WWW Servers

Describes what you can find on Web servers dedicated to archaelogy. Offers links to gophers, FAQs, or servers.

Gulf War Photo Gallery

Presents a Gulf War photo gallery, compiled by Ronald A. Hoskinson. Displays images taken primarily from the personal collection of Norman Jarvis. Offers a few links to other Gulf War sites.

History Computerization Project

Provides a large collection of links to history sites.

History of Astronomy

Focuses on the history of astronomy and in general, on science. Contains links to biographies of important people, images from observatories around the world and other archives, museums, and astronomy exhibits on the Net.

History of Space Exploration

Provides information on the history of space exploration. Includes images of spacecraft and planets.

History Pages

Focuses on Celtic history. Plans to add pages on Saxon and Frankish history. Provides information on the Celts, including maps and links to other Celtic sites.

Images of My War

Contains Ulf R. Heller's account of his Vietnam experience. Includes jungle training in Panama, impressions of the Vietnamese people, battles, discipline and moral, and his return home.

Index of /expo/

Provides an index to exhibits that include the Library of Congress's "Scrolls of the Dead Sea," "The 'Palace' of Diocletian at Split," and exhibits of paleontology, the Soviet Union, the Vatican and more. Offers a list of terms relating to Middle Eastern and classical terms. Includes downloadable Jpeg and GIF files.


Offers links under the Cities and Regions topic that provide information on the history and culture of India. Provides in-line images.

Indiana Historical Society

Nonprofit membership organization. Collects, preserves, and promotes the history of Indiana. Features information on the Society's collections, exhibitions, publications, and numerous other activities.

Institute for Human Sciences[md]Vienna

Provides information on an independent, interdisciplinary institute for advanced study that offers in-residence fellowships for scholars in the humanities, and that operates a number of long-term policy projects in the nations of the former Eastern bloc. Encourages both senior and junior scholars with similar resarch interests to explore this site.

Intentional Communities

Seeks to be an inclusive title for information on ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives, and other related projects and dreams.

James B. Ross' Home Page

Serves as a starting point for exploring history sites on the Internet. Offer many links.

Kelsey Museum Educational and Outreach Pr

Exhibits a variety of objects from the ancient meccas of culture, from Greece to Rome to Egypt. Also provides coverage of the Karanis excavations in Egypt and maps of the ancient world.

Labyrinth WWW Home Page

Provides complete information about medieval studies on the Web. Also provides search capabilities.

Leonardo Internet Home Page

Provides services to the Internet community. Features the View the Museum link, which takes you to an online exhibit about the life and works of Leonardo da Vinci.

Leptiminus Archaeological Project

Represents a cooperative effort between the University of Michigan and the Institute National du Patrimoine of Tunisia. Provides information about the fieldwork conducted from 1990[md]1993, as well as images of the site.

LGBT History

Offers links to sites that contain information on gay history, plus more. Also serves as a site for gays and friends to gather and discuss common issues.

Life Histories-American Memory Project

Presents a collection of life histories sponsored by the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress and written for the United States Works Progress Administration's Federal Writer's Project between 1936 and 1940. Includes 2,900 documents that represent the work of more than 300 writers from 24 states. Lets you access these documents by various search means, including by region or state.

Mary Rose Virtual Maritime Museum

Offers you an opportunity to learn more about this Tudor-period warship that sank in 1545.


Includes history, geography, geology, astronomy, archaeology, anthropology and art forms related to the Americas before Christopher Columbus's discovery. Includes information on the Maya, Aztec, and American Indians.

Michael C. Carlos Online Exhibit

Contains a permanent collection of more than 13,000 artifacts representing 9,000 years of history. Presents images of some of these artifacts.


Presents a look at Mithraism, a religion of the pre-Christian Roman Empire, for those interested in the roots of Western religion.


Provides around 600 images of holdings of the Vatican museums. Also offers links to hundreds of images of the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael Stanze.

NASA Astronautics History

Provides key historical documents on NASA space flight, human space flight, planetary probes, lunar probes, and more.

NEH Archaeology Projects Online

Presents currently ongoing projects including histories and images of archaeology projects sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Includes images in the reports.

Newstead Project

Focuses on the archeological exploration of settlements surrouding a Roman fort, called Trimontium, in southern Scotland.

Online Archaeology-An Electronic Journal of Archaeological Theory

Electronic journal. Focuses on "promoting rapid dissemination of speculative ideas about archaeology." Covers various thoughts about archaeology.

Operation Desert Storm Debriefing Book

Provides information concerning military and political aspects of the Gulf War. Includes backgrounds on politicians, descriptions of military hardware, statistics, and links to other Gulf War sites.

Oregon[md]World War II Farming

Exhibits "Fighters on the Farm Front: Oregon's Emergency Farm Labor Service, 1943[md]1947," which includes more than 60 images and printed documents.

Oriental Institute Archaeology

Covers many ongoing excavations and other archaeological projects by the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. Offers links to many different projects.

Oriental Institute

Provides information about the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute museum and philology projects. Includes information and visual images on ancient Near East regions. Also includes a new bibliographic reference, "Women in the Ancient Near East."


The Old World Archaeology Newsletter (OWAN) covers the conferences, research, and publications concerning archaeology. Includes editorials and announcements.

Papyrology Home Page

Provides access to papyrology collections world-wide, literature from and concerning the collections, and images of papyri including fragments from the Book of the Dead.

Paris Museums

Contains images and information for more than 20 museums in Paris, including the Louvre, Centre Pompidou, L'Orangerie, Auguste Rodin, and la Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie.

Perseus Project Home Page

Presents an interactive multimedia database on ancient Greece. Includes ancient texts and information about sites and artifacts. Includes a searchable database for finding coins, vases, and more.

Pompeii Forum

Includes maps and pictures. Also serves as a forum.


Sports images and a brief history of Pompeii.

Remembering Nagasaki

Observes the 50th anniversary of the dropping of atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Includes photographs taken by Yosuki Yamahata of Nagasaki the day after, which create a backdrop for discussion and reflection on issues concerning the atomic age. Lets you share your views and read those of others.

Romarch List Home Page

Provides a "crossroads for Web resources on the art and archaeology of Italy and the Roman provinces, from ca. 1000 B.C. to A.D. 600." Offers many links to sites that contain images of Roman art and architecture.

Salzburg 1945[nd]1955: Introduction

Presents Austrians and American G.I.'s sharing remembrances of the "Era of Occupation" of Salzburg, Austria, subsequent to the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945. Includes links to images and text interviews.


Serves to help find and identify the lost city of Shikhin. Presents the story of Shikhin, known for its pottery in its day (but known by us only today) pictures, and maps.

Shore Line Trolley Museum

Exhibits the Shore Line Trolley museum of East Haven, CT. Provides information about museum operations, including hours and directions, as well as a tour of some streetcars in Shore Line's collection.

Soviet Archives: Entrance Room

Provides the Library of Congress Soviet Exhibit, divided into two categories: The Internal Workings of the Soviet System and The Soviet Union and the United States.

The American Revolution and the Struggle for Independence

Presents American history, from the colonial period until the World War I. Contains many images and accompanying historical descriptions.

The Ancient World Web: Main Index

Offers many links to sites that focus on ancient history. Includes archaeology, literature, arts, mythology, law, architecture, and more.

The Graduate Institute of International Studies

Presents a variety of historical and political resources. Provides information about the Institute's programs, admission requirements, and mission statement.

The Historical Text Archive

Archives historical texts from various countries and periods. Includes a large collection from the United States. Offers many links to other historical resources.

The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology

Presents exhibits online that include mummies and other artifacts. Offers the chance to see the relics of old or take a Web tour of Egypt.

The Latino Connection

Simplifies the search for information on Latin/Hispanic countries. Offers individual country pages with links to history, travel, education, food, culture, maps, arts, and countries.

The Maritime History Virtual Archives

Includes an archive on maritime history, organized under topics such as ships, shipbuilding, rigging, health of seamen, and seamanship. Also includes images of various vessels and links to other maritime sites. Provides versions in Swedish and English.

The Maya Astronomy Page

Focuses on Mayan civilization. Presents the Mayan creation story. Provides information about Mayan astronomy, mathematics, and their calendar. Offers links to other Mayan sites.

The Museum Professional

Serves as a starting point for accessing online resources in the museum field. Includes links to museum web site lists, Virtual museums, and specialization resources.

The Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia

Covers the excavations at The Sanctuary of Poseidon at Isthmia (Greece). Examines the work and describes several points of interest in the area.

The U-boat War 1939-1945

Provides an archive of facts and statistics concerning German U-boats during World War II.

The U.S. Presidents: Welcome page

Covers some of the highlights of each president's administration, including notes in their own words. Also describes of some the problems with which each president struggled during his terms. Also presents images of each president's signature.

The War from a Parlor: Stereoscopic Images of the Philippine-American War and Soldiers' Letters Home

Juxtaposes the visual (stereoscopic images) with excerpts from letters written by United States soldiers during the Philippine-American War.

United States[md]History


Contains texts of historically significant United States documents, including the Declaration of Independence, Emancipation Proclamation, Monroe Doctrine, W.W.II surrenders of Germany and Japan, Tonkin Gulf Resolution, and more.

Vietnam Veterans Home Page

Focuses on Vietnam veterans from both sides of the conflict. Provides a forum for exchange of information, stories, poems, songs, art, pictures, and experiences.

Vikings Home Page

Provides topics on Viking cults, the Vikings of Russia, and Vikings of today. Also features a Swedish-Viking-English dictionary and offer links to other Viking-related Web servers.

Voice of the Shuttle Home Page

Covers literature, art, theory, woman's studies, politics and government, and more. Also offers many links.

WWW Medieval Resources

Offers links to different resources relating to medieval times.

WWWVL History of Science, Technology and Medicine[md]Overview

Keeps track of information facilities in the field of the history of science, technology, and medicine. Also offers links to organizations, biographies, institutions, museums and electronic journals.




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