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Food and Cooking Links

A Culinary World Tour

Recipes from all over the world (largest recipe groups are Caribbean/Southern United States, French).

Ann Hemyng Candy, Inc.'s Chocolate FACTORY

Provides a wide selection of nut, cream, fresh fruit, and gift assortment options. Lets you order a solid chocolate personal computer with a white chocolate mouse and personalized screen.

Beamish & Crawford Brewery

Brewing Beamish Genuine Irish Stout in Cork for more than 200 years.

Beerman's Place

A site where you can talk about beer, breweries, and the world of beer.

Boston Restaurant List

Provides reviews of recommended restaurants in Boston. Lets you search for your favorite restaurant by name alphabetically, as well as by type of cuisine or location. Includes a list of recently added or closed restaurants. Lets you submit your own reviews.


Provides index of bread recipes.

Brew Hawaii Magazine

Discusses beer, wine, whiskey, sake, brewing, and cigars in Hawaii, the Pacific, and Asia.

Cafe MAM

Cafe MAM coffee beans are organically grown by a cooperative of native Mayan farmers living in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. Environmentally conscious and socially responsible, Coffee MAM donates 20 cents to the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides for each pound of coffee sold. Place your order for natural or decaf roasts and blends before noon Pacific Time and Cafe MAM will ship your coffee beans the same day. .

Callahan's Cookbook

Contains recipes contributed by readers of the newsgroup alt.callahans.


Provides a small index of candy recipes.

Cape Breton Pictorial Cookbook

Contains a compilation of recipes from the various cultures that have settled on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Displays many graphics, using them to present both the foods and the land.

CheeseNet 95

Find out all about cheese: how to make it, its history, the different variations, a picture gallery, cheese literature, and cheese language. Features a cheese-making demonstration.

Chil E-Heads

Provides information about chile recipes, restaurants, festivals, and trivia.

Chile Today Hot Tamale

Offers Chile and Hot Sauce of the Month Clubs, as well as dried chiles and exotic sauces from around the world.


Offers four different chili recipes, each one with a unique twist. Also offers a few tips for preparing any style of chili.

ChocolateTown U.S.A.

Hershey's own tempting Web site, replete with information and recipes and a shopping spot for cybersurfers.

Chocolatier Recipe Index

Chocolate-philes lookout: Godiva has recipes online.

Coffee Houses in Seattle

Provides reviews of coffee brands and Seattle coffee houses.

Cookbook on Friends and Partners

Offers Russian and American recipes.

Cooking Recipes of the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry

Contains recipes collected and translated into English by German scientists. Includes a metric conversion chart.


Part of a larger page of mushroom information.

Creole/Caju n/etc. Recipe Page

Provides recipes and information about getting the ingredients.

Department of Food Science & Nutrition

Provides information on the programs and courses offered by the University of Minnesota. Offers links to sites relating to food law topics.

Dessert Recipes etc.

Provides a list of desserts.

Directory of/pub/

Archives every recipe posted in the moderated newsgroup

Directory of/pub/Vegetar-ian/Recipes/FatFree

FTP site of vegetarian and fat-free/lowfat recipes.

Dole 5 a Day

Provides information on health and nutrition. Also offers a "Fun Stuff" page of games, and another page that contains a short list of nutrition resources especially for teachers.

Earthrise Spirulina home page

Offers a natural food product catalog of spirulina blue green algae, green superfoods, and nutriceuticals. Also offers a spirulina scientific reference library. Explains how spirulina is ecologically grown at Earthrise Farms in California.

English Server Recipes Folder

Devoted to vegetarians but offers some recipes for everybody.

Eric's Simple Fermented Beverages

Contains information about making ciders, meads, and fruit wines out of ingredients from the grocery store.

FATFREE Vegetarian Mailing List Archive

Fat-free and very low-fat diets from the FATFREE mailing list.

Filipino Cuisine

Provides information on restaurants, substitutions for hard-to-find ingredients, and recipes.

Food Gatherers

Presents a system of gathering and distributing safe and edible perishable food items that are discarded every day by supermarkets and restaurants. Includes tips on starting a food rescue organizaiton in your community.

Frito-LayMain Menu

Sells snacks and offers a few recipes.

FYNet's Collection of Malaysian Recipe

Offers links to three collections of Malay food.

Godiva Online

Presents the online catalog of the world famous Belgian chocolatier. Lets you shop for chocolate creations, as well as discover new recipes to try out. Also provides a free gift reminder service.


Online magazine. Provides reviews and information on various international wines and vineyards.

Hacienda Flores Salsa

Provides a salsa recipe.

Hawaii's Favorite Recipes

Aunty Leilani posts new recipes each week for those who like the flavor of the islands.

Hawaiian Electric Kitchen

A web site based on the TV show by the same name. Features Hawaiian and other types of recipes and does a sales pitch for the show.

Herbs & Spices

An index of herbs and spices with recipes and information about growing and storing your own stuff.

Hot Hot Hot

If you like your food hot, hotter, and nuclear meltdown, Hot Hot Hot is the online hot sauce source for you. Over 100 varieties of sauces from around the globe can be searched by various criteria, including heat level, origin, ingredients, or name.


Check this out if you love your food as hot as you can get it. This places carries almost any hot sauce imaginable.

Index to Gluten-Free and Wheat-free Diets pages

Information about gluten-free diets and Celiac condition.

Janet Starosta's Recipes

A decent-sized recipe batch considering that this is a personal collection.

Java Hut

Culture and coffee collide.

Ketchum Kitchen

Offers cooking tips and an easy-to-use searchable recipe index.

Krema Nut Company

Peanuts are the only ingredient in Krema's old fashioned peanut butter. Other nuts and nut butters are available through the online catalog as well. Try out some of Krema's mouth-wathering recipes.

La Comeda Mexicana

Read about the history of Mexican food, and try out recipes for salsas, huevos, ensaladas, and antojitos.

La Pagina dela Salsa Mole

Mole is a spicy chili-chocolate sauce used in traditional Mexican cooking.

Lotsa Hotsa Salsas, Hot Sauces and more

Gourmet hot sauces, salsas, recipes, and more. Color photos, descriptions, and on-line order entry.

Malt Whisky Tour

Provides a Malt Whisky Tour. Presents descriptions, historical notes, and pictures of Scotland's malt distilleries.

Mama's Cookbook

Provides Italian-style recipes using Ragu products.

Medieval/Renaissance Food Home Page

Offers references and recipes for anyone who wants to make a medieval feast. Includes references for European and Islamic dishes.

MenuNet FoodFinder

A restaurant directory that displays menus and advertising for midwestern restaurants.

Myer's Gourmet Popcorn

Lets you order popcorn in a variety of flavors.

Napa Valley Virtual Visit

Enables you to explore various Valley wineries, as well as purchase wines and wine management software. Lets you stay up with current events in the Valley, get Valley sightseeing, dining, and catering ideas, and receive information on various Valley lodgings.

Neu Coffee

Provides gourmet Arabica coffee and espresso from the world's most renowned coffee producing countries. Includes bulk order discounts, wholesale, retail, espresso, and office accounts.

New England Lobster

Offers fresh lobster, guaranteed overnight delivery. Provides online ordering through a secure server.

Nomius Eye -Sasa Recipes

Recipes from Eastern Europe. Some recipes have metric measurements while others do not rely on exact measurements at all.

Over the Coffee

Lets you express your personal opinions about a good cup of joe, read the opinions of your fellow coffee lovers, or access other coffee-related sites on the Internet.


Features a seasonal menu and wine list.

Parrot Head Bar & Grille

Offers recipes of all kinds related to Jimmy Buffet and life in the Keys and the Southern United States.

Pedro's Kitchen

A collection of authentic Brazilian recipes.


Lets you order your Pizza Hut pizza via the Web.

Queen's Kitchen & Pantry

Internet retail shopping of unusual and exotic foods and related products and services.

Quick Learning Center

Korean recipes and pictures of several dishes.

Recipe Archive Index

A master recipe archive for

Recipe FAQ Collection

Provides a list of Web and Internet sites that focus on the art of cooking. Links include VEGLIFE, a sourdough mailing list, and cuisine from South India.


Offers many products and services, including, RecipEmail, a weekly recipe newsletter.

Recipes for Traditional Food in Slovenia

This site is in English and offers a translation table for Metric/English conversions.

Recipes from Kathy

Recipes from the AARestaurant. Lets you submit your own recipes for another section of this Web page.

Recipes-Table ofContents

This small but growing page has vegan recipes and a brief explanation of veganism.


Kosher recipes for Passover.


A personal collection of vegetarian recipes.

Restaurant Le Cordon Bleu

Provides recipes and menus from the French Le Cordon Bleu. Offers seven full menus[md]one for each day of the week.

Ridiculously Easy Recipes

An amusing site for the college crowd. As the title says these recipes are easy.

Rosswog Farm Distillery

Provides information on the traditional schnaps, as well as the blueberry and maple liqueurs, made by the Rosswogs. Dealer inquiries welcomed.

S.P.S. Beer Stuff

Presents an online catalog of homebrewing (beer making) equipment and supplies. The catalog includes over 100 varieties of malt extracts from around the world. Also offers a selection of more than 30 brewing books.

Sauces and Marinades

An index of sauces and marinades.

Single Malt Scotch Page

Describes and rates approximately 30 different single malt scotches. Includes a brief history of the people and their orginization. Also, provides several anecdotes about their experiences and words of wisdom to those first-time scotch drinkers or experienced imbibers.

Spencer's Beer Page

Tells you how to brew your first beer, provides reports on brewing experiements, and gives you links to other beer-related Web pages.

Strawberry Facts Page

Recipes, gardening, and trivia about strawberries.

Stuart's Chinese Recipes

Chinese recipes have been submitted to this site by people from all over the net.

Texas Foods

A small collection of Texan foods.

The Bagel Page

Recipes and other information about bagels.

The Edinburgh Malt Whisky Tour


Provides information here about the history and manufacturing of this popular malt beverage. Contains descriptions and pictures of Scotland's malt distilleries. Also categorizes and rates various whisky brands and distilleries.

The electronic Gourmet Guide

Provides several informative monthly features, book reviews, Web site links, and regular columns[md]all devoted to food and drink.

The English Server

Contains a listing of Web servers that specialize in recipes. Divides listings into three categories: vegetarian, dead animals, and things that possibly contain dead animals. Also offers lowfat vegetarian recipes.

The FoodPlex

Offers food-related humor and some interesting recipes thrown in for good measure.

The Garlic Page

Provides garlic information on how to grow garlic, how to prepare garlic, garlic recipes, the different varieties of garlic, and what makes the variations of garlic specifically special. Also explains how you can use garlic to improve your health . . . garlic.

The Internet Wine Rack

Offers a wide variety of wine, beer, and other drinks. Although the expensive wines you'd expect are available, also offers alternatives[md]such as the "Italy on a Pizza Budget" category[md]for more modest incomes.

The Notte's Cookbook

A personal collection of recipes.

The Real Beer Page

Provides a microbrewery tour, tips about brewing, brewspapers and brew magazines, drinking games, and fellow beerdrinkers' audio submissions on the Burp Me page.

The Tamilian Cuisine

Collection of Tamil recipes and links to Tamil/vegetarian newsgroups.

The Virginia Diner

Provides information about the Diner's history, a catalog of gifts, some Southern peanut recipes, and explanations of the differences between Spanish and Virginia peanuts.

Truly Special Gourmet Foods

Offers a wide variety of specialty foods and condiments and provides an unparalleled opportunity to enjoy the American Dream.

Turkish Cuisine

Authentic recipes from Turkey. Posted in English.

USENET Cookbook (Metric)

Online archive of recipes posted in various newsgroups. Offers a link to a nonmetric version.

Veggies Unite!

A searchable recipes archive with information about nutrition. Readers can submit their own recipes.

Virtual Health

Provides some healthy and delicious-looking recipes.

Virtual Kitchen

Provides recipes and cooking tips.

Virtual Pub

The place where Web beer aficionados exchange information on their favorite brews. Virtual Pub patrons are encouraged to link their personal Web pages to this site.

VNO: Food[md]Cooking and Recipes

Offers New Orleans-style cooking.

Watkins Recipes

Fans of the Watkins company can get recipes for those products here. Offers links to Watkins order forms.

What's for dinner?

Thai recipes with a little cooking humor mixed in. You can submit recipes to this page through e-mail.

Whole Foods Market

A national food chain of more than 40 natural food supermarkets in 10 states. Provides information on organically grown foods and gives you an opportunity to try out recipes. All household and personal care items have been proven safe through nonanimal testing methods. Also offers links to agricultural, vegetarian, homeopathic, and humanitarian sites.

Wines on the Internet

Provides information on your favorite wines and wineries. Contains news, articles, and reviews about your favorite wines. Presents a list of wine-related events you can use to keep your entertainment calendar up-to-date.

YACB: Yet Another CookBook

This site is mostly in Spanish and has several Venezuelan recipes. Some recipes are translated into English.

Contains most of what there is to know about Zima Clearmalt.




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