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Children Links

Adoptee Classifieds

Provides details about the child. Contains more than 150 entries and connected contact addresses. Includes option for posting to the list.

Adoptees Mailing List Home page

Provides information about adoption. Includes legal information, links to other related pages, Canadian resources.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, online.


Offers simple online games that teach the alphabet and counting. Plans to add more educational games.

ASCII ArtGoodies

Contains pictures drawn on a computer or typewriter using only typed letters and symbols.

Asylum'sLite-Brite, The

Allows you to make your own Lite-Brite-style pictures on the web and see what other people have made.

Aunt Annie's Craft Page

Features a new craft project every week. Emphasizes learning, creativity, and problem-solving, while having the fun of doing crafts. Includes links to related sites, and suggested books for further reading, as well as free craft software to download. Craft projects offer a variety of designs, patterns to print, and illustrated instructions, and many of them could serve to integrate hands-on learning with math and/or science lessons.

Berit's Best Sites for Children

Categorizes and rates children's Web sites. Offers links to online projects, interactive exhibits, educational information, and fun.

Bob Allison's Home Page) Uncle Bob's Kids' Page

Lists a few hundred "kid-safe" sites, divided into seven sections full of links to kids' sites.

Boy Scouts of America

Provides information about the Boy Scouts of America and lists of troops online.

Canadian Kids Home Page, The

Lists and briefly describes links to educational sites and fun online activities, including icons that reveal whether the link is graphic-heavy, has sounds, originates in Canada, and so on.

Carlos' Coloring Book Home

Offers several types of pages to color interactively online using the mouse. Requires a Macintosh program, available for download on site.

Child Safety on the Information Superhighway

Contains the text of a brochure prepared by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Lists ways to protect your child from possible harm on the Internet, and also presents a model "child-parent" pledge for Internet usage rules.

Children Now

Nonprofit children's advocacy group. Provides information related to the education, health, welfare, and safety of American children.

Concertina - Books on the Internet

Sports a set of interactive children's books (of which you also can order hard copy versions).

Cool Word of the Day Page, The

Offers a new word every day.

Crayola * Crayola* Crayola *Crayola

Provides information about crayons. Also offers a Crayola Trivia game.


Offers site where kids can meet and mail each other, read, boy, and play games.

CyberKids Home

Online magazine for kids. Includes games, fiction, and non-fiction.

Edible StarchyTuber Head Animation

Offers a short animation of Mr. Potato Head being put together.

Fellowbug's Labor atory: The Skulls of Fate

Lets you ask a question and click on a skull for an answer (remember the magic 8-ball?).

Froggy Page

Provides information about frogs.

Global Show-n-Tell Home Page

Lets children show their work to kids (and adults) around the world. Consists of links to children's art work on Web pages or FTP servers.

Helping Your Child Learn Science

Provides way for parents and kids to play and learn science together with suggested experiments

Hotlist: Kids Did This!!

Contains categorized links to sites that kids have created and put on the Web themselves. Includes science, language arts, and school newspapers. Searchable.

How far is it?

Enables you to find out the distance of any place in America.

Hull's Home Page

Exhibits dinosaurs created and named by a kindergarten class in Texas. The children drew pictures (or used the computer to create a picture) and described their creations. Also includes poems.

I-Site.on.Canada Presents...

A site laid out like a newspaper (if you have Netscape 1.1), its main purpose being creation of multiauthor documents[md]similar make-your-own-adventure stories. Serves as a discussion forum for children's literature and movies, a place for kids to post their own reviews of kids' books. Another project here is the KidoPedia[md]an international project allowing kids to create an international encyclopedia.

IPL Division's Dr.Internet

Presents science projects and offers a trivia question for kids to answer.

Jason's Kite Site

Provides information about kites and kite-flying.

Joseph Wu's Origami page

Presents images and directions for making your own origami. Offers links to more polygonic creations.

Juggling Information Service

Provides information on juggling.

Kid's window

Teaches about kids in Japan.

KidPub WWWPublishing

Offers poems and stories written by children.

Kids' crossing:the Voice of the Rocky Mountain Youth

Provides kid-related information. Serves as online meeting place for kids.

Kids' Place, The

Links to various kids' sites.

Kids' Space

Exhibits art work done by children, in English and Japanese. Accepts submissions of stories and art work by children.

KidsCom Home Page

Serves as a network to which kids can register (free) and choose a personal password, and then on which they can play geography or other brain-teaser games or find a keypal (only other KidsCom registered users), among other available activities. Also includes a section in which parents or teachers can discuss kids, the Internet, schools, and so forth.

KidsCom HomePage

Presents an online playground just for kids. Includes some resources for parents, too.


Provides information about new LEGO products and ideas for LEGO fun.

Links for Kids

Contains more than 30 links to safe sites for children of all ages.

Magic 8-Ball, The

Ask the 8-Ball a question and see what answer you get.

Marcel's Web Mind

Online version of the game Master-Mind.


Contains Marmaduke's own web page, complete with two-week archive of current strips.


Lists what are locally considered the ten best Web sites for children; updated monthly. References diverse links.

National Parent Information Network

Provides information about parenting. Includes the full text of many articles about parenting, family life, and urban/minority families, as well as other information for parents, teachers, and counselors.

OUDPS - KidSafety

Provides safety information for kids: Internet safety, fire safety, avoiding fights, and more.

Peanuts Collectors Club Home Page

Provides information to join the PCC and links to other Peanuts-related online pages.

Psychic Chicken Network Homepage

Offers a psychic chicken who knows all.

SciTech, Inc.

Presents humor and hands-on activities. Challenges kids to think and reason out the answer to a question. Also offers a catalog of innovative science education products.

T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. project, The

Presents an account from two guys who took playing with food to extremes.

Teddy-Bears Mailing List WWW Service

Provides information about teddy bears and for joining a mailing list for collectors.


Offers special software just for kids (for PCs and Macs).

Trove Investment Corporation -Home Page

Offers software you can use to help you screen out unwanted material your kids could find on the Internet (PCs only).


Lets you play Yahtzee online.

Welcome to Burlingame On-Line's PEZExhibit

Provides information about PEZ candies and dispensers.

Why Ask Why?

Presents a long list of strange questions about life.

Wierenga Software Home Page

Houses Bert's Coloring Programs Series, Rachel's Fashion Dolls, and Peter's Warbirds. Provides information about these MS-DOS-based programs. Also offers a link to download shareware versions of all different versions of coloring book software.

World Birthday Web (WBW)

Provides lists by birthday.

World-wide webs

Teaches Cat's Cradle and other string games.

WWW Index

Offers links to interactive online experiences.

WWW Spirograph

Presents a spirograph that draws according to the numbers you input.

Your lucky fortune cookie

Provides lucky numbers and fortunes.




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