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The Country & People of Morocco

Morocco (Maghreb) Kingdom of Morocco - Al-Mamlakah Al-Maghribiyah

This page contains links to sites in Morocco and Morocco related sites.
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Morocco, officially Kingdom of Morocco, kingdom (1954 est. pop. 29,161,000), 171,834 sq mi (445,050 sq km), NW Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea (N), the Atlantic Ocean (W), Mauritania (which lies beyond the disputed territory of Western Sahara, S), and Algeria (E). Principal cities include Rabat (the capital), Casablanca, Marrakech, and Fes. The Atlas Mts., rising to 13,671 ft (4,167 m) in Jebel Toubkal in the southwest, dominate most of the country. In the south lie the sandy wastes of the Sahara desert, but in the north is a fertile coastal plain, home of most of the population. Agriculture and mining are economic mainstays. Morocco is a leading producer and exporter of phosphates; other important minerals include iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, cobalt, manganese, and coal. Food processing and the manufacture of leather goods and textiles are also important. Half the labor force is employed in agriculture, growing cereals, citrus fruits, and vegetables. Tourism and fishing also contribute to the economy. Most Moroccans are of mixed Arab-Berber descent and are Muslim; Islam is the state religion. There are small Christian and Jewish minorities. Arabic is the official language; Berber dialects, French (a main language of commerce), and Spanish are also spoken.

Originally inhabited by Berbers, Morocco became a province of the Roman Empire in the 1st cent. AD After successive invasions by barbarian tribes, Islam was brought by the Arabs in 685. An independent Moroccan kingdom was established in 788; its dissolution in the 10th cent. began a period of political anarchy. The country was finally united in the 11th cent. by the Almoravids, a Berber-Muslim dynasty, who established a kingdom reaching from Spain to Senegal. Unity was never complete, however, and conflict between Arabs and Berbers was incessant. European encroachment began in 1415, when Portugal captured Ceuta, and ended with the Portuguese defeat at the battle of Ksar el Kebir (Alcazarquivir) in 1578. In the 19th and early 20th cent. the strategic importance and economic potential of Morocco once again excited the European powers, sparking an intense, often violent, rivalry among France, Spain, and Germany. Finally, in 1912, most of Morocco became a French protectorate; a small area became a Spanish protectorate. Nationalist feelings began to surface in the 1930s, becoming more militant after World War II, and in 1956 Morocco gained its independence.

In 1957 the sultan became King Muhammad V. He was succeeded in 1961 by his son, Hassan II, whose early reign, plagued by internal unrest, coups, and assassination attempts, was repressive. Hassan's position was strengthened in 1976, when Spain relinquished the Spanish Sahara (now Western Sahara) to joint Moroccan-Mauritanian control. Challenged by the Polisario Front, a guerrilla movement backed by Algeria and seeking independence for the area, Mauritania withdrew in 1979, but Morocco continued battling there and claimed the entire territory.

King Hassan died in 1999 and was succeeded by his son Muhammad VI. Initially extremely popular, the new king revealed himself to be a strong advocate of social change and economic improvement. In July, 2002, Morocco occupied an uninhabited islet off Ceuta that is claimed by Spain, drawing international attention to the disputed Spanish enclaves along Morocco’s Mediterranean coast. After Spanish forces removed the Moroccans, both sides agreed to leave the islet unoccupied.


Western Sahara, territory (1995 est. pop. 217,000), 102,703 sq mi (266,000 sq km), occupied by Morocco, NW Africa, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean (W), Morocco (N), Algeria (NE), and Mauritania (E and S). Part of the Sahara Desert, the land is extremely arid and is covered with stones and sand. The main towns are Laayoune (formerly El Aai?n), the capital, Dakhla (formerly Villa Cisneros), Boujdour, and Essemara. The traditional economy is based on the raising of goats, camels, and sheep and the cultivation of date palms. There is some fishing. Rich deposits of phosphates were first exploited in the 1970s; potash and iron have also been found. The people are Arabs and Berbers, most of whom are Sunni Muslim. Arabic is the chief language.

Although visited by the Portuguese in 1434, the area that is now Western Sahara had little contact with Europeans until the 19th cent. In 1884 Spain proclaimed a protectorate over the coast, and a Spanish province, known as Spanish Sahara, was established in 1958. In 1976 Spain transferred the territory to Morocco and Mauritania, but following guerrilla action by the Polisario Front, a nationalist group based in Algeria and seeking self-government for the Saharans,

Mauritania withdrew in 1979. Morocco then occupied the Mauritanian portion. The guerrillas continued attempts to liberate Western Sahara, renaming it the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. A temporary truce signed in 1990 was made permanent (1991), but a referendum on the area's status was delayed in the following years by disputes over who would be permitted to vote.during which time the region was integrated administratively into Morocco. UN attempts to broker a peace agreement have been unsuccessful, with Morocco generally rejecting any plan that might affect its sovereignty over the area.

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About Morocco

General Information Also see Travel
Arab DataNet Country profile, key facts, overview, economic review, political structure, sector analysis, investment, government, companies....
ArabInfo Overview, government, history, links
ArabNet Overview, history, geography, business, culture, government, transport, tour guide, links
Atlapedia Geography, climate, people, demography, religion, education, modern history, currency, other information....
BBC Country Profile Key facts, figures and dates
Britannica.Com Country info, land, people, economy, society, government, history, culture, maps, statistics, links....
CIA World Factbook - Morocco Map, geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, issues
CIA World Factbook - Western Sahara Geography, people, government, economy, transportation, communications....
Country Reports Morocco: Economy, defense, geography, government, people, anthem, map, news, weather, links....
Country Reports Western Sahara: Economy, defense, geography, government, people, anthem, map, news, weather, links....
Encarta OnLine Info, land & resources, population, economy, government, history, other related items, links....
Encyclopaedia of the Orient Morocco - Geography, politics, economy, health, education, religion, people, history, anthem, cities....
Encyclopaedia of the Orient Western Sahara - Geography, politics, economy, health, education, religion, people, history, anthem, cities....
Expedia Almanac, fast facts, communications, on business, health & safety, transportation, traveler's directory
Focus OnLine Morocco - The Land of the Moors. General info, regions, tourism, cuisine, music, maps....
Geographia.Com Exploring Morocco, location, geography, and climate, history & culture
Info Please General info, map, geography, government, history, land & people....
Mincom.. Ilaycom All about Morocco from the Ministry of Communication
MoroccoWeb +Francais Global intelligence unit and virtual exhibition on media, business, tourism, politics, services in Morocco
Nation By Nation Info, government, human rights, news, geography, history, people, links....
US Department of State - Background Notes People, history, government, political conditions, economy, travel, business, foreign relations....
Virtual Morocco Info, culture & history, media, cities & travel....
Vision du Maroc Francais Duetsch A virtual tour to a fascinating country: panoramic views & interactive dictionnary
World66 General info, cities, history, people, economy, getting around, getting there, links....

Cities, Towns, Municipalities & Places

Alhoceima The city of surf, sand & seafood....
Fez +Francais Heritage, tourism, economy, where to go....
Safi Francais General info, history, society....
Tetouan Capital of Northern Morocco
World Heritage Cities +Francais Espanol Fez - A rampart with a series of gates surrounds the two centres of medieval Fez
World Heritage Cities +Francais Espanol Historic City of Meknes - The old city includes the medina and the imperial city
World Heritage Cities +Francais Espanol Medina of Marrakesh - A series of noteworthy monuments
World Monuments Endangered sites: Medieval Sijilmassa, Rissani
World Monuments Endangered sites: Rabbi Shlomo Ibn Danan and Mansano Synagogues, Fez

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Cellular News Cellular coverage map, systems, frequencies....
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Maps Country & historical maps
Maps Cities & towns. Global position, altitude, WAPF (weather) forcast,
World Clock Local time, sunrise, sunset, GMT offset, daylight saving....
World Paper Money Paper currency since 1929

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Business and Economy

General, Economy, Reports & Statistics
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Fact sheet (pdf)....
Bilateral Relations with Japan Diplomatic, investment, economic cooperation, residents....
British Chamber of Commerce for Morocco +Francais To strenghten relations and exchanges between both partners
FinAccess Francais Financial and stock exchanges information in Morocco and Tunisia
MBendi Business information, news, industries, events
Morocco-United States Council on Trade and Investment Your passport to Morocco
Morocco and the IMF Position in the fund, reports....
Muslim Trade Network Trade reference directory and guide....
Organization of Islamic Countries +Arabic The most comprehensive database: statistical, economic and social
Ports Focus Ports, harbours, marinas....
Tanmia Arabic Francais Portail du Developpement au Maroc
Trade Point Casablanca +Francais Business information research and development
US Department of Energy Analysis, information, oil, natural gas, coal, electricity....
US Department of State Country commercial guide 2001 (pdf)
US Department of State Country reports on economic policy and trade practices - 1999
World Bank +Arabic Francais Overview, news & events, data & statistics, publications & reports, development topics, projects & programs, Public Information Center
World Trade Organization - WTO Provides trade statistics, goods schedules, services schedules and MFN exemptions, trade policy reviews, dispute cases, and notifications


Bank Al-Maghrib +Arabic Francais Developing the money market in connection with money stability and ensuring its regulation
Credit du Maroc Francais

Directories, Job Opportunities

Investment & Promotion....

American Chamber of Commerce in Morocco To cooperate with all levels of US and Moroccan government and business....
Arab Investors Club in Morocco (AICM) +Arabic Francais Strengthening and developing Moroccan-Arab partnership
Career Morocco Online recruiters
G.B Communication+Arabic Francais Specialised in organization of fairs and special events
Global Investment Network Promoting mutual prosperity between Holland Morocco....



About Morocco * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries

Art, Culture & Sport

General Resources, Heritage....
Maghreb Arts Francais Cinema, Theatre, Musique, Medias, Arts Plastiques, Photo & Arts Visuels
Museumes of Morocco Even empty, they would be well worth a visit....

Art, Literature, Photography, Cinema....

Asmaa Houri +Arabic Francais Actress - Info & pictures
Moncef Doueib +Francais Espanol Paintings
Rita Alaoui Painter. Pantings, biography, portfolio, recent works
Said Yaktine Arabic Writer. Sardiat - books & essays
Um Salma Arabic Poet and novelist


House of Poetry' +Arabic Francais To deepen relationships between poets and people interested in poetry
Painters of Morocco Visit the richest Moroccan exhibition ever realised


J. F. Maion Nomads'Land. Evocative landscape, adventure and travel photography
Robert Bremec Morocco Photo Diary - Cities & places


Arab Film Distribution - Morocco Features a wide range of narrative films, documentaries, visual essays and ethnographic films
Internet Movie Database Movie & TV reports
The Past & Present of Djemma El Fna +Francais Winner - Silver Award, Houston International Film Festival
"HEY ! PSST... HABIBI" +Francais Theatre
Todays Morocco Moroccan Movies and Music

Music, Song & Dance....

Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival +Francais A major cultural event for musicians from the jazz, pop, rock and contemporary world music movements
Fez Festival +Arabic Francais World of Sacred Music
The Master Musicians of Jajouka Were the Royal Court musicians and are descendants of one family, the Attars and now collaborating with other musicians
Moroccan Music A Mile In Our Shoes - A musical journey through Morocco
Samira Said Biography, her works, her fans....

Cultural, Scientific, Environmental, Sporting Entities & Info

Egyptian Cultural Center' +Arabic Francais Rabat - Cultural and Scientific symposiums, seminars, movies, exhibitions and others


Animal Info Threatened species, environmental and social data
AquaStat Information on quantity and quality of freshwater and its availability


Federation Royale Marocaine de Football Francais Site officiel
Jeunesse des Chantiers Marocains Youth Camps. Young people learning about each other's countries and cultures
Morocco 2010 +Francais History of Moroccan Football
Teachers Professional Golf Association (TPGA) Managing a successful golf operation
Wydad Athletic Club Francais

About Morocco * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries


Schools, Colleges, Academies, Universities & Polytechnics
Ecole 2 MARS Francais Tikiouine, Agadir
Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales Francais
Ecole des Sciences de l'Information Francais Irfane
Rabat American School An American style education


Al-Akhawayn University Ifrane Ifrane
Universite Abdelmalek Essaadi Francais Tetouan
Universite Cadi Ayyad Francais
Universite Hassan II Francais Mohammadia - Faculte des Sciences et Techniques
Universite Mohammed I Francais Oujda
Universite Mohammed V +Arabic Francais Agdal
Universite Mohammed V Francais Souissi - Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Informatique et d'Analyse des Systemes


WorldWide Classroom University & adult education, K12 & teen....

Institutions & Organizations

American Cultural Association +Francais Programs and activities designed to disseminate the languages and cultures of the two countries
Arabic Language Institute in Fez An extensive library collection focusing on Arabic linguistics....
Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan II Francais Tetouan
Royal Centre for Remote Sensing +Arabic Francais Collects & analyse data. Provides training & education in space technologies....

Research, Resources & Projects

Center of Environmental Issues and Regional Development +Francais A center for environmental research and development studies
Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifique et Technique Francais
Hassanian Lectures +Arabic Francais From Ministry of Waqfs and Islamic Affairs

About Morocco * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries

History, Human Right & Politics

Ancient & Modern....
Political Geography Land and people, economy, government, history....
World Statesmen - Morocco Flags, chronology, sultans, governors, ministers....
World Statesmen - Western Sahara Flags, chronology, rulers, governors, ministers....

Human Rights, Politics & Political Parties....

Amnesty International +Francais Espanol News, reports, urgent action. Latest annual report....
Human Rights Watch +Arabic Other languages Human rights developments & report
US Department of State Morocco - Country reports on human rights practices
US Department of State Western Sahara - Country reports on human rights practices

Related Sites, Articles....

ARSO +Francais Italiano Portuguese Espanol The struggle of the Sahrawi people for self-determination
Constitution Background, history & news
Elections Results, parties, parliament, electoral institutes, electoral calendar, political database....

About Morocco * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries

Visit Arab Media for satellite stations & Arab newspapers


Newspapers, Magazines....
Al-Anbaa Arabic Daily newspaper
Al-Insan Al-Jadeed (New Man) +Arabic Francais Espanol Monthly Magazine
Al-Sabah +Arabic Daily newspaper
L'Economiste Francais Le premier quotidien economique du Maroc....
Lobservateur +Francais Daily newspaper
Maroc Hebdo International Francais Double version HTML et PDF
Maroc News +Arabic Francais Assorment of daily, weekly and monthly magazines and newspapers

OnLine News, Newsletters, News Agencies....

El Jadida Francais Un revue de la presse électronique, Meteo, Galerie photo, Programme religio-culturel....
Al-Jarida Al-Maghribia +Arabic Francais Journal of Maghreb online....
Al-Maghreb Info +Arabic Francais Dutch Learn more about Morocco or read the latest news
All Africa.Com News plus, news wire....
La Marocaine Francais Premier site dedie a la femme Marocaine. Moroccocan women portal
Maghreb Arabe Presse +Francais Espanol News in brief
Menara Arabic Francais Depêches, revue de presse, salon, economie, technologies, sport....
Morocco Today +Arabic Francais Espanol Articles and features dealing with all aspects of life in Morocco
News Central Francais L'actualite Marocaine online....
Washington Post Morocco-News & references
Washington Post Western Sahara-News & references
Yahoo full news coverage

Radio, TV, Internet....

2M Francais Channel 2 TV
Casablanca Radio +Francais The top 10, sound bank, popular humour, in concert, religion....
Raioo +Francais Discussion forums
Medi 1 ArabicFrancais Mediterranean International Radio - Music, news and entertainment

Articles, Reports, Cartoons....

M. Ali Francais Cartoons
One World +Other languages Morocco - Archives, articles and news from different sources
One World +Other languages Western Sahara - Archives, articles and news from different sources

About Morocco * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries

Visit Arab Organizations for Pan-Arab, middle East, North Africa and regional organizations

Government & Organizations....

Government, Ministries, Overseas Missions, Embassies....
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members
Political Leaders Dates and figures of the leadership since 1955 (with pictures)


Administration des Douanes et Impôts Indirects Francais
Centre National de Documentation Francais
Center of Renewable Energy Development +Arabic Francais Energy-Development-Environment
Commission Speciale Education Formation Arabic Francais
Departement de l'Industrie et du Commerce Francais
Departement de la Privatisation Francais
Direction de la Statistique Francais
Haut Commissaire au Plan Francais Elaborer les projets de plans de developpement economique et social
Majliss Al-Nouwab Arabic
Ministere des Affaires Etrangeres et de la Cooperation Arabic Francais
Ministere de l'Agriculture, du Developpement Rural et des Eaux et Forêts Francais
Ministere de l'Amenagement du Territoire, de l'Eau, et de l'Environnement Francais
Ministere de l'Education Nationale et de la Jeunesse +Arabic Francais
Ministere de l'Energie et des Mines Francais
Ministere de l'Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche Scientifique +Arabic Francais
Ministere de l'Equipement et du Transport Francais
Ministere des Finances et de la Privatisation Francais
Ministere de l'Habitat et de l'Urbanisme +Arabic Francais
Ministere de la Justice +Arabic Francais Espanol
Ministere de la Modernisation du Secteur Public Francais
Ministere des Pêches Maritimes Francais
Ministere des Relations avec le Parlement +Arabic Francais
Ministere de la Sante Francais
Office for Industrial and Commercial Property +Arabic Francais Espanol The registration and management of industrial property titles: patents, designs and trademarks
Office National de l'Eau Potable Francais
Premier Ministre Francais La Primature
Secretariat d'Etat charge de la Poste et des Technologies des Telecommunications et de l'Information Francais


Embassy of Morocco - Ottowa, Canada Francais
Embassy of Morocco in Germany Duetsch
Permanent Mission to UN +Arabic Francais The mission, terrorism, peace, human rights, media, data & statistics, news & information, photo gallery, links

Corporations, Organizations, Public Hospitals and Industrial Entities

Agence Nationale de Reglementation des Telecommunications Francais
Maroc Telecom Francais
Office National des Chemins de Fer Arabic Francais

Centers, Institutions, Societies....

Centre d'Etudes et de Recherche des Dirigeants Francais
Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan II (IAV) Francais
Chaos Computer Club Francais
Institut National de Statistique et d'Economie Appliquee Francais

Foreign Entities

British Embassy The Embassy offers consular, commercial and visa services to members of the public....
French Embassy Francais
Netherlands Embassy Francais
US Embassy Consular section, public affairs section, commercial service....


British Counsil Library and information services, events, news, conferences, learn English
United Nations Francais Le Programme des Nations Unies pour le developpement
US Committee for Refugees Western Sahara: Reports on conditions for refugees and internally displaced persons
USAID Assistance to Morocco....
World Food Programme Fight against global hunger....
World Health Organization Tobacco & health, socio-economic situation

About Morocco * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries

Travel & Tourism

Airlines, Air, Sea & Coach Charters Services
Royal Air Maroc The only airline to serv all of Morocco....


Airports Airport names, cities and codes
L'Office National Des Aeroports Francais

Travel, Tours, Guides.... More country info

Atlas Voyages +Francais A comprehensive range of quality services
Beau Maroc Francais Deutsch Italiano Portuguese Espanol Guide de voyages et sejours
Bo Voyage +Francais Deutsch City tours, specialized tours, photo Gallery....
Cap Tours +Francais Espanol Services going beyond your expectations
Chadia Tours +Francais Espanol All types of tours & adventures....
Dounia Travel +Francais Discover a different Morocco not on conventional tours and far from the beaten track
Erlebnis Tours Maroc Provides tailor made personal quality tours, quad biking tours, adventure activities or living the Sahara Experience
Esprit Berbere Francais Groupe de guides Marocains competents et motives originaires de differentes region
Exclusively Morocco Moroccan adventure and luxury travel including camel and hiking treks
Imilchil - Morocco Adventure Travel Personalized tours - Students, weddings, golf , caravan, desert....
Magic Morocco Morocco Travel Guide
Maroc.Net +Francais The House of Morocco - Gateway, news, tourism, culture, city guide....
Match Tours Many exciting destinations and activities
Morocco Bound Information for the independent traveler
Morocco Central Guide and gateway....
Morocco Travel Resorts & hotels, holiday types, travel info
Moroccan National Office of Tourism +Arabic Other languages The country,culture,how to get there, practical info, destinations....
Moroccan Surfing Holidays Experience the culture, people and the incredible wind & waves Morocco
Olive Branch Tours Immerse yourself in the centuries-old Moroccan civilization, and savor superb local cuisine....
S'Tours +Francais Tours & tourism, golf, photo collection, Morocco, cities....
Tourism in Morocco +Francais Deutsch Travel guide & information....
Sahara Treasures Geological tours, adventure and culture
Unitours Maroc Discover authentic modern and traditional way of Moroccan daily life
Vision du Maroc A virtual tour with panoramic views


Adventures of Morocco Getting there & costs, safety & health, visa, climate, cities, holidays....
Africa Guide Introduction, visitor info, accommodation, tours....
Lonely Planet Travel information, maps, photos, background historical and cultural information
Middle East Travel Accommodation, history, after hours, travel info, addresses, cities & sights, business....
Travel Guide General & travel info, money, duty free, health, accommodation, visas....
Travel Puppy Morocco travel information & guide
Vacations Morocco Travel specialist to the best of Morocco, hotels, airfare, tour guides, private excursions and more
Viajes a Marruecos desde Sevilla Espanol Descubre Marruecos, lo mejor del pais y su gente
World Travel Guide Travel information, regions & places....

Hotels, Resorts, Inns, Hostels....

Hotel Kamal +Francais Agadir - Located in the heart of the city center
Hotel Lalla Mira +Francais Deutsch Italiano Espanol Essoauira - Good feeling and exotic charme in Morroco
Hyatt Regency Hotel Casablanca - in the heart of the commercial district
Kempinski Mansour Eddahbi +Francais Reflects the prestige, the hospitality and traditional taste specific to Marrakech
Kerdous Hotel +Francais Reception, accommodations, excursions, reservations, special offers....
La Maison Bleue +Francais Moorish Residence. Feel as though you've stepped back in time
Medina Experience A selection of traditional accommodations in the city of Marrakech
Morocco Rents Luxury villa rentals
M?venpick Hotel & Casino Malabata-Tangier
Palmeraie Golf Palace & Resort +Francais Moorish-style oasis of fountains, courtyards, arches and blue-tiled patios
Rabat Hilton Souissi - Spacious and stylish rooms
Riad Agathe +Francais Marrakesh - Mixes traditional decoration and modern comfort
Tikida Beach Hotel +Francais Situated directly beside the ocean with its own private beach


All Hotels Hotels, description & rates
Hostels Addresses & location
Hotels & Ryads A selection of hand chosen establishments ....
Hotel Travel Agadir, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech, Ouarzazate, Rabat, Tangier in central and suburbian locations. Travel guides and maps
Hotels Travel Hotels directory & tourist information
Inn26 Hotels and motels directory, local info....
Morocco Hotels Travel Guide Offers hotels and resorts online reservations


Essaouira Gnawa and World Music Festival +Francais Be united, with the music and beyond the music

Health & Travel Tips
Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel information, country advise, latest travel updates....
Travel Document Systems Passports, visas, travel documents
US Consular Information Warning, visa, security, health, crime/drug penalties....


Tide Calendar Morocco & Western Sahara: Tide times, sunset, sunrise and global position
Weather Underground Temperature, humidity, pressure and conditions by city
Yahoo Weather Morocco. By city. Forcast, sunrise, sunset, humidity, wind, dewpoint....
Yahoo Weather Western Sahara. By city. Forcast, sunrise, sunset, humidity, wind, dewpoint....

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Visit Arab Gateways for Arab and other country links

Gateways to Morocco

Marocnet.Net Francais Gateway & info....
Morocco.Com Gateway, news, services....
Ya Biladi Gateway, directory, info....

About Morocco * Business * Culture * Education * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries



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