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The Country & People of Jordan

Jordan [ Urdunn ] The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

This page contains links to sites in Jordan and Jordan related sites.
For Middle East, North Africa, Arab and regional information visit Arab Countries


Jordan, officially Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, kingdom (1995 est. pop. 4,101,000), 37,737 sq mi (97,740 sq km), SW Asia, bordered by Israel (W), Syria (N), Iraq (NE), and Saudi Arabia (E, S). Amman is the capital and largest city. Pre-1967 Jordan fell into three main geographical regions: East Jordan, which encompasses about 92% of the country's land area; the Jordanian Highlands (highest point, 5,755 ft/1,754 m); and West Jordan (the West Bank, part of historic Palestine. In the Arab-Israeli War of 1967, Israel captured and occupied the West Bank, and Jordan has since renounced its claim to the area (see below). Jordan's economy has traditionally been based on agriculture, although less than 5% of the land is arable. The principal crops are vegetables, wheat, and citrus fruits; olives are grown for oil. Manufactures are limited to such items as foodstuffs, clothing, and cement, and there is some oil refining. Phosphate rock and potash are the only minerals produced in quantity. The annual cost of Jordan's imports far exceeds its earnings from exports. Aqaba, on the Gulf of Aqaba, is the only seaport. The inhabitants of Jordan are mostly of Arab descent (over half are of Palestinian descent), and Arabic is the official language, although English is also spoken among the higher socio-economic groups. About 95% of the people are Sunni Muslims. Under the 1952 constitution, the king is the most powerful figure in the country; he appoints a cabinet (headed by a prime minister). The bicameral parliament has been convened and dissolved by the king several times since 1974; the 1989 elections were the first in 22 years. Political parties were again permitted to field candidates in 1993.

This section deals primarily with the region east of the Jordan River; for the history of the area to the west, see Palestine. The region of present-day Jordan was conquered successively by the Seleucids (4th cent. BC), Romans (mid-1st cent. AD), and Muslim Arabs (7th. cent.). After the Crusaders captured (1099) Jerusalem, it became part of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Ottoman Turks gained control in 1516, and what is now Jordan remained in the Ottoman Empire until World War I. In 1920 Transjordan (as it was then known) was made part of the British mandate of Palestine. The country gained independence in 1946, and the name was changed (1949) to Jordan, reflecting its acquisition of land W of the Jordan R. during the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. Abdullah ibn Husain, a member of the Hashemite dynasty that headed Jordan since 1921, was assassinated in 1951. His grandson, Hussein I, became king the following year. Jordanian forces were routed by Israel in the 1967 war and Jordan lost the West Bank. Growing hostility between Hussein and Palestinian guerrilla organizations operating in Jordan led to a brief civil war in 1970, and guerrilla bases were destroyed in 1971. Jordan renounced (1974; reaffirmed 1988) its claims to the West Bank in order to allow the Palestine Liberation Organization eventually to organize a state in this territory.

Jordan also joined most of the other Arab countries in opposing the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. It was officially neutral in the Persian Gulf War, but many Jordanians supported Iraq. In 1991 Jordan began peace talks with Israel, and a treaty was signed in 1994. Hussein continued to promote peace between Arabs and Israelis until his death in 1999; he was succeeded by his son Abdullah II who pledged to work toward a more open government and to ease restrictions on public expression. Although there has been some progress in terms of economic development, the country remains dependent on tourism, which has been hurt by its location between Israel and Iraq. Political liberalization has been slow in coming. In 2001 parliament’s term expired without new elections being called; they were postponed out of fear that popular sympathy for the Palestinians in their renewed conflict with Israel would lead to a victory for the Islamic parties. The June, 2003, parliamentary elections resulted in a majority for the king’s supporters; Islamists won 18 seats.

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About Jordan

General Information Also see Travel
ABC Jordanie Francais Découverte de la Jordanie
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Amman.Com Guide to cities, visitors information, history, entertainment & dining....
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Focus OnLine Jordan - The Archaeological Treasure of the Middle East. Info, regions, tourism, cuisine, music, maps....
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MidEast.Com Good info + Amman, Jerash, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba, Dead Sea....
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US Department of State - Background Notes People, history, government, political conditions, economy, travel, business, foreign relations....
US Library of Congress Everything you ever wanted to know about Jordan....
World66 General info, cities, history, people, economy, getting around, getting there, links....

Cities, Towns, Municipalities & Places

Municipality Of Greater Amman +Arabic Places to visit, arts & culture, about Amman and the municipality
Municipality Of Shoubak Jadeeda +Arabic Society, statistics, tourism, services
Municipality Of Salt +Arabic History, culture, city features, photo gallery
The Complete Petra A web directory and guide to the ancient city of Petra
Petra Pictures, archaeology, history, guide, Nabataean Alphabet, art....
Petra A rose-red city, half as old as time....
World Monuments Endangered sites: Petra Archaeological Site, Wadi Mousa

Flag, Maps, Useful Information....

Cellular News Cellular coverage map, systems, frequencies....
Ethnologue Language
Flag Description, meaning, history, interesting facts and other flags
Flag Explanation, historical, military & political flags....
Map Large political map
Map Large shaded relief map
Maps Cities & towns. Global position, altitude, WAPF (weather) forcast,
World Clock Local time, sunrise, sunset, GMT offset, daylight saving....
World Paper Money Paper currency since 1952

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Business and Economy

General, Economy, Reports & Statistics
American Chamber of Commerce in Jordan Promotion of Jordan-US trade and investment
Amman Chamber of Industry Promotion and development of national exports
Amman Stock Exchange +Arabic Market performance, brokers, laws & regulations, market info, investment, privatization....
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Fact sheet (pdf) & travel information....
Bilateral Relations with Japan Diplomatic, investment, economic cooperation, residents....
Business Etiquette and Culture A guide for doing business ....
Federation of Jordanian Chambers of Commerce +Arabic Achieve balanced economy, strive for Arab economic integration....
Government Tenders Directorate +Arabic Regulations, tenders, contractors, consultants studies....
Irbid Chamber of Industry +Arabic Useful reference to the business community to develop and promote international trade
Jordan Europe Business Association (JEBA) Promoting and strengthening sustainable trade and investment linkages
Jordan Forum for Business and Professional woman Promoting training and rendering services to members
Jordan and the IMF Position in the fund, reports....
Jordan Securities Commission +Arabic Encouraging and protecting investors and most importantly enforcing the rule-of-law
Jordan United States Business Partnership (JUSBP) A business development center
Jordanian Migration A survey to analyse whether the country has a net profit or loss from the process of migration
MBendi Business information, news, industries, events
Middle East Regional Veterinary Information System Livestock & production data in Jordan
Organization of Islamic Countries +Arabic The most comprehensive database: statistical, economic and social
Ports Focus Ports, harbours, marinas....
Scandinavian Business Club of Amman Gathering and disseminating information about rules and regulations for trade
US Department of Energy Analysis, information, oil, natural gas, coal, electricity....
US Department of State Country commercial guide 2001 (pdf)
US Department of State Country reports on economic policy and trade practices - 1999
World Bank Overview, news & events, data & statistics, publications & reports, development topics, projects & programs, Public Information Center
World Trade Organization - WTO Provides trade statistics, goods schedules, services schedules and MFN exemptions, trade policy reviews, dispute cases, and notifications


Association of Banks in Jordan +Arabic Exchanging information and experiences


Arab Jordan Investment Bank Investment & Private Bank
Cairo Amman Bank Provides corporate banking services to all economic sectors in Jordan & Palestine
Central Bank of Jordan Represents the monetary authority in the Kingdom
The Housing Bank for Trade & Finance Comprehensive commercial banking services to meet your needs
Jordan Islamic Bank Finance and investment , services and branches
Jordan Kuwait Bank A joint investment by Jordanians, Kuwaitis and other Arab investors
Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation +Arabic Small and medium size business loans, export credits and related services
Jordan National Bank (Al Ahli) Offering retail and corporate banking services
Microfund Providing sustainable financial services to women microentrepreneurs in Jordan
Union Bank for Savings & Investment (Al Itihad) A licensed investment bank

Directories, Job Opportunities

Baladna Headline news, business, directory....
Career Jordan Online recruiters
Directory for Support Services for Small & Medium Enterprises +Arabic Search by type & location
Jordan Expertise Search A comprehensive and accurate database of Jordanian talent and expertise in the IT field
Primus Jordan Directory Embassies, government, companies....

Investment & Promotion....

Italian Institute for Foreign Trade +Italiano Amman activities, news from Italy....

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Art, Culture & Sport

General Resources, Heritage, Museums....
Al-Mashriq - The Levant Cultural riches & gateway
Pella Museum Paleontology and geology

Art, Literature, Photography, Cinema....

Eman Marzouq Eman Art Gallery - Paintings
Manal Barqawi Cyber Gallery - Paintings
Nawaf Al-Bukhari Foonoon.Com - Online art gallery


4 Walls To exhibit the work of well-established Jordanian, Arab and international artists
Broadway Gallery A haven in Jordan for art and artists
Jordan-Art +Dutch Paintings and information about jordan painters Kassim Al-Refai and Khaled Atieh


Angus McIntyre Photographs. Old cities and tourist sites....
Cities & Landscapes +Deutsch Photo gallery
Robert Bremec Jordan Photo Diary - Cities & places


Jerash Chariots Ambitious and Entertaining, Roman Army and Chariot Racing Spectacle at Jerash
Internet Movie Database Movie & TV reports

Music, Song & Dance....

Cultural, Scientific, Environmental, Health, Sporting Entities & Info

Jordanian Astronomical Society Exchange of astronomical data, information, articles, and observational expertise


Animal Info Threatened species, environmental and social data
AquaStat Information on quantity and quality of freshwater and its availability
BirdLife To determine the priorities for bird conservation in the region
Jordan Environment Society (JES) +Arabic Working together for change towards sustainable development
Jordan Flora Covers the wild plants of different ecosystems and habitats in Jordan
Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature +Arabic Promoting wider public support for the protection of the natural environment


Arab Nuclear Medicine & Bone Densimetry Center Arabic Studies & info....
Gaucher Disease Arabic Information, symptoms, effects, living with it....


Amman Dead Sea Ultra Marathon Run from the high elevations of Amman down to the saltiest and lowest point on Earth
Husain Youth City Arabic Sport Club
Royal Automobile Club of Jordan Information about Motor Sports in Jordan & the Middle East championship

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Schools, Colleges, Academies, Universities & Polytechnics
Abdul Hamid Sharaf School Modern, private, non-parochial school
American Community School Co-educational day school which offers an American educational program
Amman Acadamy A center of academic excellence and creativity
Amman Baccalaureate School Students and parents, sSchool days, media center, events, enrollment, cafeteria
Amman National School +Arabic Focuses on the development of a social personality and morality
Cambridge High School Giving an international education to students in the local community
Ecol Francaise Francais Amman
International Center for Languages (ICL) +Arabic To get our student learn more, study more, and excel more
International Community School (ICL) Member of the British Schools of the Middle East
Jordanian International Schools for Girls +Arabic Centre of academic excellence and creativity
Jubilee School +Arabic Promotes creative thinking, leadership and conflict resolution skills
Modern American School A private, co-educational day school for students aged 3-18
Modern Montessori School A philosophy, which offers an outstanding academic programme


Al Al-Bayt University Give special attention to scientific in particular Arab and Islamic affairs
Al-Balqa' Applied University Integrates learning and work; the university and the employment community
Al-Isra Private University Arabic Amman
Al Quds College +Arabic Preparing a distinguished generation armed with science, faith, and work skills
Al-Zaytoonah University +Arabic Six faculties, encompassing eighteen specializations
Amman University To provide a high quality university education
Applied Science University Innovation will take the upper hand in teaching and research
Arab Open University - Jordan Branch +Arabic A private Arab institution of higher education with a special status
Hashemite University An official university in Al-Zarqa Governorate
Irbid National University +Arabic
Jerash Private University +Arabic
Jordan University of Science & Technology Contribute to the development of human and material resources of Jordan
Mu'tah University A national institution for civil and military higher education
Philadelphia University Adopts curricula that make it compatible with the best universities in the world
Princess Sumaya University for Technology +Arabic Specialization is IT, Communications and Electronics
Queen Noor Civil Aviation Technical College To provide the Jordanian airports with qualified employees
University of Jordan Provision of quality rather than quantity education at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels....
Yarmouk University +Arabic Relentless pursuit of excellence in all fields of research and instruction
Zarqa Private University (ZPU) +Arabic Consolidating the Islamic perspective on knowledge, particularly human sciences, teaching activities, out research....


Study Abroad University of Jordan - opportunities to study an array of subjects
WorldWide Classroom University & adult education, K12 & teen....

Institutions & Organizations

American Language Center (ALC) Provide English language training in the context of American education and culture
Center for Excellence in Education (CEE) +Arabic Dedicated to the promotion of education excellence and gifted education
Center for Theoretical and Applied Physical Sciences Spreading scientific knowledge of physics through all available means
Institute of Banking Studies A theoretical and practical training center
Jordan Institute of Diplomacy Students conduct research in the fields of diplomacy and international relations
NetCorps Jordan +Arabic Jordanian youth will be recruited, trained and placed in local organizations
NYIT Jordan Affiliated with Jordan University of Science & Technology (JUST)
Peace Operation Training Center +Arabic A gathering point for training and seminars on all aspects of peace operations
Yarmouk Culture Center Specialized in teaching English language

Research, Resources, Libraries & Projects

Council for British Research in the Levant
El-Hassan Youth Award +Arabic Derived from the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme
Enhanced Productivity Program (EPP) +Arabic
Knowledge Stations +Arabic To create a universal access to Information and Communications Technology
National Library +Arabic
The Oval Office for Studies & Redearch Arabic For those who want to complete their studies in Australia and New Zealand
Tawjihe +Arabic A portal to help Arab high school students, University Curricula....

About Jordan * Business * Culture * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries

History, Human Right & Politics

Ancient & Modern....
ABC News - News Makers King Abdullah
ABC News - News Makers King Hussein
BBC Timeline A chronology of key events
King Abdallah II The King, initiatives, press room, the Hashemites, royal court & palaces, about Jordan....
King Hussein I A living tribute to the legacy of the father of modern Jordan
Political Geography Land and people, economy, government, history....
Prince Hassan Bin Talal An insight into his achievements, interests, vision and family....
Queen Noor +Arabic Social and environmental activities and projects, interviews, King Hussein final days....
Rania Al-Abdullah +Arabic Queen of Jordan official website
World Statesmen Flags, chronology, rulers, governors, ministers, commissioners....

Human Rights, Politics & Political Parties....

Amnesty International +Francais Espanol News, reports, urgent action. Latest annual report....
Human Rights Watch +Arabic Other languages Human rights developments & report
Jordan Elections +Arabic To establish a society where justice, equality, and rule of law prevail
US Department of State Country reports on human rights practices


Al-Ahed Party Arabic
Jordan's Party of the Free (Al-Ahrar) +Arabic Believe in the rule of law, a free media and meaningful human rights
Sons of the Great Arab Revolution Arabic History of the Hashemites, the army and Jordan

Related Sites, Articles....

Al-Bushra - Arab American Roman Catholic Community What do you know about Jordan? Plenty of interesting articles....
Elections Results, parties, parliament, electoral institutes, electoral calendar, political database....
Jordan Elections Arabic Candidates, news, policies....

About Jordan * Business * Culture * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries

Visit Arab Media for satellite stations & Arab newspapers


Newspapers, Magazines....
Al-Arab Al-Yawm Arabic Daily newspaper
Al-Dustour Arabic Daily newspaper
Al-Ghad Arabic Daily newspaper
Al-Liwa Arabic Weekly newspaper
Al-Rai Arabic Daily newspaper
Al-Sabeel Arabic Weekly magazine
Jordan Times Political daily....
The Star Jordan's political, economic & cultural weekly....

OnLine News, Newsletters, News Agencies....

Al-Ahali Arabic Newsletter of the People Democratic Party of Jordan
Jordan Daily Online news....
Jordan News Agency - Petra +Arabic General info, Arabic & English news, photos, links....
JordanZad Arabic Online news
Washington Post News & references
Yahoo full news coverage

Radio, TV, Internet....

Jordan Radio & Television Corp. Radio, channels, national & International News, sports, weather, satellite

Articles, Reports, Cartoons....

Department of Printing & Publishing Arabic Local, ME articles and news, Hebrew press
One World +Other languages Articles and news from different sources

About Jordan * Business * Culture * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries

Visit Arab Organizations for Pan-Arab, middle East, North Africa and regional organizations

Government & Organizations....

Government, Ministries, Overseas Missions, Embassies....
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members
Political Leaders Dates and figures of the leadership since 1946 (with pictures)


Civil Service Bureau +Arabic To determine its annual need of appointments
Department of Lands and Survey (DLS) +Arabic Matching the different copies of cadastral sheets and modernizing the digital maps
Department of Statistics - DOS +Arabic Carries out censuses and surveys. Population statistics and economic statistics
Enhanced Productivity Program (EPP) +Arabic Creates opportunities for rural communities to be a part of income-producing and self-sustaining industries
Environmental Information System Conservation of nature, biodiversity, reservations and forests
Executive Privatization Commission (EPC) To bring economic prosperity and sustainable socio-economic
Foreign Trade Policy Department +Arabic Oversees the government's implementation of its commitments under the WTO and other international trade agreements
General Intelligence Department +Arabic Protection of the Jordan in its political , social , security and economic dimensions
High Health Council Arabic
Insurance Commission +Arabic Regulate and supervise the insurance sector
Jordanian Cooperative Corporation (JCC) +Arabic Encouraging the establishment of marketing Cooperative associations
Jordan Customs Department +Arabic Supporting the local industries, facilitating commercial exchange....
Jordan Institution for Standards and Metrology (JISM) +Arabic Applying internationally accepted best management and technical practices
Ministry of Agriculture +Arabic Assure sustainable production and resources without damaging the environment
Ministry of Education Achieving democracy of education for all, irrespective of sex, language and religion
Ministry Of Energy and Mineral Resources Promoting and developing different energy resources and overseeing the energy sector operating companies
Ministry of Finance +Arabic Memorandum on economic and financial policies
Ministry of Social Planning +Arabic A pioneer governmental institution contributing to the sustainable development and the improvement of standards of living
Ministry of Social Development +Arabic Provide programs and services to the youth and provide assistance to the needy and poor citizens
Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities +Arabic Tourism information guide, about Jordan, maps and events
General Sales Tax Department +Arabic Legislations, proclamations & decisions, services & guides
General Supplies Department +Arabic Supplies Act instructions, regulations and amendments
Income Tax Department +Arabic Income Tax Law, Regulations of Procedures
Ministry of Foreign Affairs +Arabic Formulating Jordan's foreign policy
Ministry of Health +Arabic Implementing hospital autonomy in Jordan
Drug Directorate +Arabic Ascertain the safety, efficacy and quality of drugs used through registration and adequate pricing
Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research +Arabic
Ministry of Industry & Trade +Arabic Economic cooperation, statistics, laws, procedures....
Ministry of Information and Communications Technology +Arabic Contribute to improved services
Ministry of Interior +Arabic Preserving the security and public order and providing the best service to its citizens
Ministry of Planning Documents ranging from summaries of events to government reports and agreements
Enhanced Productivity Centers Program (IRADA) +Arabic Participating in creating jobs for both investors and their staff
Ministry of Post & Communications +Arabic Organize the telecommunications sector & to provide all advanced postal services
Ministry of Public Works and Housing +Arabic Offering services of the construction and maintenance for roads and governmental buildings
Ministry of Social Development +Arabic Coordinate with the relevant bodies who are working in the social field
Ministry of Transport +Arabic Aims at reaching a transport system that is efficient, economical, safe and competitive
Ministry of Water & Irrigation +Arabic Provision of centralized water related data, standardization and consolidation of data
Northern Governorates Water Administration Provides up-to-date information on NGWA key data.
Ministry of Youth & Sport +Arabic To furnish appropriate opportunities....
Municipality of Greater Amman Amman, municipality, visit Amman, info....
The National Assembly +Arabic Legislative power, chambers, constitution, law data bank, news and events, album....
National Center for Human Resources Development A center of excellence in conducting educational research
National Information Center +Arabic Statistics and information for policy analysis and general research
National Information System Arabic Statistics and information
Natural Resource Authority Develop and exploit energy and mineral resources
Prime Ministry +Arabic Contributing to the creation of an environment of knowledge and to the facilitation of the work of government departments
Public Security Directorate +Arabic History, evolvement, philosophy, duties, organization, departments and activities....
Public Transport Regulatory Commission +Arabic
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission Regulating, monitoring and issuing the licenses to market operators


Embassy of Jordan - Vienna, Austria Provide basic facts about Jordan and acts as a resource guide to locate needed information
Embassy of Jordan - The Hague, Netherlands Consular office, tourism, economy & investments, events, royal family....
Embassy of Jordan - Jakarta, Indonesia Basic facts about Jordan with links that can be of a great help. Services provided
Embassy of Jordan - Washington, USA Consular, commercial, military, information, news, tourism, events, education....

Corporations, Organizations, Public Hospitals and Industrial Entities

Free Zones Corporation Characterized by exemptions and facilities that qualify them to become an investment attraction....
Housing & Urban Development Corporation +Arabic "The national umbrella of the housing sector"
Jordan Export Development & Commercial Centers Corporation - JEDCO +Arabic Help to expand Jordan's export activities
Jordan TeleCom +Arabic A world class service level


Arab Dental Center +Arabic Quality services in a modern exquisite dental atmosphere
Eye Specialty Hospital Examination diagnosis and treatment of different eye diseases
Islamic Hospital Arabic
Jordan Dental Center Tomorrow's dentistry today

Centers, Institutions, Societies....

Al-Urdun Al-Jadid Research Center +Arabic A national "think tank" and policy oriented pressure group
Community Centers Association +Arabic Invoking positive changes at the grassroots level
Community Knowledge Center (CKC) +Arabic An arena for discussion and the exchange of information, experiences, and best practices
IEE Jordan To promote the advancement of electrical electronic and manufacturing engineering
Injaz Arabic
Jordanian Society of Cosmetic Sciences Promoting research in cosmetic science and industry
Royal Scientific Society It aims at conducting scientific and technological research and development work


Agricultural Engineering Association Arabic
Jordan Barirsters Association Arabic
Jordan Computer Society +Arabic Scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events
Jordan Dental Association Arabic
Jordan Engineers Association +Arabic To achieve excellence in providing services and to encourage members participation
Jordan Hotel Association Providing services to the Jordan hospitality industry. Hotels & Cities
Jordan Medical Associations Arabic
Jordan Society of Tourist and Travel Agents +Arabic To enable the profession to take its rightful place in the economy
Jordan Pharmaceutical Association Arabic
Jordanian Writers Union Arabic


Al-Hussein Society for the Habilitation/Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged (AHS) An educational, vocational and therapeutic NGO
Jordan River Foundation +Arabic To empower society, especially women and children, and in turn, improve the quality of life to secure a better future for all Jordanians
Noor Al Hussein Foundation To promote integrated socio-economic development
SOS Children's Village Association of Jordan Cares for orphaned and destitute Jordanian children

Foreign Entities

British Embassy The Embassy offers consular, commercial and visa services to members of the public....
Cultural Attache - Embassy Of The Sultanate Of Oman +Arabic a Cultural and Educational connecting link
Embassy of Sweden Consular services, technical assistance, commercial inquiries, studying in Sweden, links....
Embassy of the United States of America Consular section, travel & visa Info, USAID, public affairs, business center....
Italian Embassy +Italiano Cultural, consular & commercial sections, info, links....
US Committee for Refugees Reports on conditions for refugees and internally displaced persons
US Embassy +Arabic Travel & visa info, public affairs, commercial service, economic & political issues, press releases, articles....


British Counsil Library and information services, events, news, conferences, learn English
United Nations Highlights the work of the United Nations Country Team in Jordan
United Nations Development Programme Works at the policy level by supporting sound development strategies
USAID Assistance to Jordan....
World Food Programme Fight against global hunger....
World Health Organization Tobacco & health, socio-economic situation

About Jordan * Business * Culture * History * Media * Organizations * Travel * Gateways * Arab Countries

Travel & Tourism

Airlines, Air, Sea & Coach Charters Services
Arab Wings Executive jet charter service offering customized services
Royal Jordanian Flight schedule, availability, departure & arrival....
Royal Wings Airlines Jordan


Airports Airport names, cities and codes
Jordan Civil Aviation Authority Departments, Queen Alia International Airport - Flights Schedule, News

Travel, Tours, Guides.... More country info

Amani Tours Tailor made archeological, biblical, leisure and educational package tours
Bestours Tours All tours can be tailor-made to suit your specific needs
Cedar Tours & Travel Provides a wide range of travel & travel related services for groups & individuals
Dahlan Tours & Travel Prepared to tailor your tour of Jordan to suit your budget and tastes
Dakkak Tours Introducing visitors to the treasures and pleasures of Jordan and the Middle East
Dead Sea Beach Tours Music, dance, and swims in the Dead Sea....
Discover Jordan +Arabic Amazing & historical sites, hotels, restaurants, airlines, souvenirs....
Grumpy Gourmet Evaluates Amman's top restaurants. Dinning tips, articles, reviews, hotels, restaurants, events....
Husam Tours +Deutsch For culture, history, adventure or just relaxation
Jordan Experience Tours +Dutch A unique travel experience
Jordan Guide General info, Amman, Petra, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, mall....
Jordan Travel Exchange Travel & tourism guide and news....
Nebo Tours Specialized programs that concentrate on history , cultures and archeology
Petra Tours Adventures, unmatched services and unforgettable experiences!
Rose City Travel & Tourism Unique travel & tourism services
Travel 1 Open doors for you to discover Jordan and the Middle Eastern region
Yolla Travel & Tourism Combined tours of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and the Holy Land
Zaman Tours & Travel A specialist in organizing classic tours, adventure tours, camping, hiking, trekking, horse riding and camel tours


Lonely Planet Travel information, maps, photos, background historical and cultural information
Middle East Travel Accommodation, history, after hours, travel info, addresses, cities & sights, business....
Travel Guide General & travel info, money, duty free, health, accommodation, visas....
World Travel Guide Accommodation, addresses, business, climate, essentials, resort, social, travel

Hotels, Resorts, Inns, Hostels....

Amman International Hotel A unique, relaxing atmosphere with traditional hospitality
Comfort Apartments High standard apartments to guests coming to Jordan
Comfort Hotel Suites Offer guests a luxurious retreat in the heart of the Sweifiyah, Amman
Gardenia Hotel Shmeisani - Amman. An enclave of quiet elegance with the highest standard of service
Gondola Hotel & Suits Amman. Ideal place with affordable rates for tourists, diplomats, businessmen & expatriates
Golden Tulip Kings’ Way Hotel Facilities - includes a guide to Petra
Grand Hyatt Amman Conveniently located in the heart of the capital's stately business and diplomatic district
Nabatean Castle Hotel A five star luxurious hotel situated near ancient Nabatean city Petra,the Red Rose City
Rozana Hotel Suites Amman. Suites, restaurant, health club, location, services
Turino Hotel Sweifiyeh - Amman. A luxury hotel and a private residence


Marriott Hotels
Amman Marriott Hotel
Marriott Jordan Valley Resort & Spa Dead Sea
Marriott Petra Hotel Wadi Moussa


Moevinpick Hotels
Dead Sea
Nabatean Castle


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