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Egypt Society and Culture Links


  • - Forum that allows Egyptians, expats, and Arabs around the world to share and exchange life experiences and business contacts.
  • Focus on Egypt - Monitored discussion group.
  • Yahoo! Groups - Egypt - Directory of online communities connected with or interested in the country.


  • Community Services Association - Provides support to expatriates working and living in Egypt through its programs, activities and community-oriented services.
  • Contemporary African Database - Institutions: Egypt - Database of institutions in the country, listed alphabetically and by category. Includes the arts, business, education, media, professions, religion, politics and sports.
  • Contemporary African Database - People: Egypt - Database of profiles of prominent people, arranged by name and category. Includes the arts, business, education, media, professions, religion, politics and sports.
  • Global List of Women's Organizations - Egypt - Provides contact information for groups of women helping others.
  • Last of the Victorians - For alumni of the old Victoria College in Egypt. Photos, member database, and discussions.
  • Vegetarian Egypt - Resource for vegetarians in Egypt.
  • Al-Ahram: Egypt's Almanac - Dr. Yunan Labib Rizk (professor of history and head of Al-Ahram History Studies Centre) examines Al-Ahram's "News and Events" page during the 1920's and finds that it was indeed a record of the most important daily occurrences in Egypt; includes clear black-and-white photographs of King Fouad, Saad Zaghlul, Munira Thabet, and Moustafa El-Maraghy; from Al-Ahram Weekly Online (Issue No. 539).
  • Alexandria Library, a True Successor of its Ancient Namesake - Essay by Mohamed Sid-Ahmed, who discusses conditions necessary for the Alexandria Library to be a worthy successor to its ancient namesake; from
  • Americans in the Egyptian Army - Recounts how 50 Americans (mostly Civil War veterans) donned the uniform of Egypt in the service of Khedive Ismail.
  • Antiquities Wish List - Report that Zahi Hawass, secretary-general of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA), has formally requested that UNESCO assist in the return of five key items of Egypt's cultural heritage: the Rosetta Stone (in the British Museum, London), the bust of Nefertiti (in the Egyptian Museum, Berlin), the statue of Great Pyramid architect Hemiunnu (in the Roemer-Pelizaeus Museum, Hildesheim, Germany), the Dendara Temple Zodiac (in the Louvre, Paris), and the bust of Khafre pyramid builder Ankhaf (in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston); from Al-Ahram Weekly Online (Issue No. 751, 14-20 July 2005).
  • ArabDataNet - Country Information on Egypt - Offers a focused gateway to information on Egypt; the Country Profile, US-Egypt trade statistics, and Articles (09/09/1994 to present) provide reliable and useful data relative to recent history.
  • Cairo History Guide - Chronicles the history of the Cairo area from 3500 BCE to the present in ten scholarly but readable essays; by Alaa K. Ashmawy, University of Southern Florida.
  • Camp David Accords -- Framework for Peace - A survey of the 1978 Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel, with sections: Prelude, Preparations, Negotiations, and Legacy; from the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library.
  • Carlo Vidua and the Travellers of 1800 in Egypt - An exhibit of writings, and names of travellers, engraved on monuments in Egypt.
  • Chronology of Attacks on Tourist Targets in Egypt - Lists and describes recorded instances of terrorist activity against tourists of any nationality in Egypt since 1992.
  • CIA - The World Factbook: Egypt - This periodically updated country study provides current, detailed, background information for research on contemporary Egypt and its history -- Geography, People, Government, Economy, Communications, Transportation, Military, and Transnational Issues; from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook.
  • Climate Threatens Egypt's Treasures - Examines the problem of higher humidity in the Nile River Valley, and its effects on ancient objects and buildings; by Malcolm Billings, BBC News.
  • Color Me Egypt: - Egyptian history written for kids, a coloring book, and a coloring contest.
  • Construction Begins on UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology - Egyptologists and University of California, Los Angeles technology centers have begun compiling a new online history of Egypt from 3500 BC to AD 400, to include 4,000 entries of original content and be available in English, German, French, and Arabic; by Angilee Shah for the UCLA International Institute.
  • Country Studies - Egypt - Among the numerous topics covering all aspects of Egypt as a nation, are over 40 essays on the various historical periods from ancient times to the present.
  • David Roberts Gallery of 19th Century Lithographs - All 124 Egypt pictures -- architecture, monuments, people, and scenic views -- of Egypt in the 19th century by Scottish artist David Roberts R.A. (1796-1864).
  • Declaration Between the United Kingdom and France Respecting Egypt and Morocco, Together with the Secret Articles Signed at the Same Time - Text of these documents, signed in London on 8 April 1904; from Don Mabry's Historical Text Archive.
  • Description de l'Egypte - Online exhibit showcasing this monumental publication which documented the Napoleonic expedition of 1798; from the State Library of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.
  • Digital Egypt for Universities - This "learning and teaching resource for higher education" contains information on all aspects of Egyptian history, society, and culture from 4000 BC to the present; from University College London.
  • An Early Traveller in Egypt - Brief excerpts and three illustrations from Charles Dana Gibson's account published in McClure's Magazine under the title "Sketches in Egypt" (1898); from
  • - Cairo's Recollections Online - Samir Raafat offers a variety of articles, photos, and references dealing with 19th and 20th century aspects of Cairo, Egypt's 1000-year-old capital -- its architecture, landmarks, character, people and problems.
  • Egypt: 1952-1956 - A collection of uncaptioned black-and-white photographs taken in Egypt by Don H. Church during the 1950s.
  • Egypt: A Brief History - A concise illustrated history of Egypt from earliest times to the present day; by Ami Isseroff, at MidEast Web.
  • Egypt - A Country Study - Contains a country profile (geography, society, economy, government and politics, etc.); a concise, but comprehensive, summary of Egyptian history, from predynastic antiquity to President Mubarak; and tables, bibliography, and glossary; from the Library of Congress.
  • Egypt: Ancient Culture and Technology - Authoritatively examines, via an Overview (history) and two essays (Culture and Technology), most aspects of life in ancient Egypt, from prehistory to the arts and writing and from architecture and buildings to public works; from the University of Colorado at Denver.
  • Egypt: Fayum Project - Describes the research in Egypt of Dr. Elwyn L. Simons on early anthropoids and other vertebrates; from Duke University Primate Center.
  • Egypt - History - From Egypt State Information Service; nine essays on the major eras in Egyptian history, plus links to information on Egypt's Land & People, Culture & Arts, Economy, Politics, Society, Tourism, and Women.
  • Egypt - History - Brief, but authoritative, history of Egypt, from the Old Kingdom to the present.
  • Egypt: A Travelogue - A photo essay, with explanatory text, of contemporary life in rural and urban Egypt: Land and People, the Nile; Aswan, the Dam, Lake Nasser, and Abu Simbel; Giza, the Pyramids, and Sphinx; and the Egyptian Museum. German text also available.
  • Egypt Daily News - Daily news coverage of Egypt, the Middle East, and the world, plus features, maps of Cairo, and links to Egyptian government, military, religious, and other sites.
  • Egypt Keeps Muslim Brotherhood Boxed In - Dan Murphy examines the Muslim Brotherhood's origins, history and violent past, current restructuring as an Islamic democratic model, and the Egyptian government's opposition to its recognition as a political party; from the Christian Science Monitor.
  • Egypt- Religion - Surveys the history of religion in Egypt, from Akhenaten and the origins of monotheism, to Coptic Christianity, and the establishment and early history of Islam; from Religion Around the World.
  • Egypt World - History of Egypt in summary form.
  • Egyptian Gets $27 Million for Mohammed's Arrest Tip - In dispatch dated March 12, 2003, Kelli Arena, CNN Justice Correspondent, reports that an unnamed Egyptian radical will get $27 million as a reward for giving the United States information that led authorities to alleged September 11, 2001, mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed; from
  • Egyptian National Anthem - Provides the inspiration, author, and composer of Egypt's national anthem ("My Homeland"), the text in English translation, and the musical score; from Egypt State Information Service.
  • Egyptian National Flag - Color image, history, symbolism, and rules governing the National Flag of Egypt; from Egypt State Information Service.
  • The Egyptian Presidency - The official site of the Egyptian Presidency includes biographies of current and former presidents.
  • Egyptian-Syrian Union (1958-1959) - A 3-part series, published in March 1998, which examines the failed union between Egypt and Syria during a unique era in the Arab world; from ArabicNews.
  • Egyptology Forum - Discuss Ancient Egypt and other Nile Valley cultures and civilizations; an amateur Egyptology forum with diverse subjects.
  • Egypt's Forgotten Treasures - Zahi Hawass describes the search of the entire Egyptian Museum and storage sites across Egypt for artifacts to comprise an unprecedented exhibit marking the 100th anniversary of the opening of the Egyptian Museum on November 15, 1902; with photographs by Kenneth Garrett. From National Geographic.
  • El Alamein - A 3-page description, illustrated with six black-and-white photos, of the significant World War II battle fought in northern Egypt; by David G. Chandler.
  • Farouk of Egypt - Brief biography and photograph of King Farouk of Egypt (February 11, 1920 - March 18, 1965); from Wikipedia.
  • Flag of Egypt - Clear large color image and description of the Egyptian national flag; from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) World Factbook.
  • Francis Frith (1822-1898) - Brief biography of Frith, and checklist, index, and thumbnails of photographs taken during Frith's three photographic expeditions to Egypt, 1856-1860; from George Eastman House.
  • Grand Imams of Al-Azhar - A brief history of Al-Azhar as university, institution for the teachings of Sunni Islam, and umbrella organization precedes a listing of all Grand Imams, from 1690 to the present, many with accompanying photographs.
  • Griffith Institute - This renowned research institute, which has "the largest specialized Egyptological archive in the world," includes the records of Howard Carter's excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun, a major database of 19th-century studio photographs of Egypt, and other research tools and publications.
  • Historical Society of Jews From Egypt - historical and current information on the Jews From Egypt. covering the period from Joseph Saadia el Fayoumi (Saadia Gaon) to the present day.
  • History of Egypt - Published by the Ministry of Tourism, Egypt, and the Egyptian Tourist Authority; over 40 essays on all periods of Egyptian history, from Lower Paleolithic to British Occupation.
  • Huge Crater Found in Egypt - Report on the discovery, by Boston University researchers Farouk El-Baz and Eman Ghoneim, of crater “Kebira,” more than twice as big as the next largest Saharan crater known; by Robert Roy Britt at
  • Huge Impact Crater Found in Egypt - BBC News report that a giant meteorite crater (named "Kebira" -- which means "large" in Arabic -- and also relates to the crater's physical location on the northern tip of the Gilf Kebir region in southwest Egypt) formed from an impact millions of years ago has been discovered in Egypt's western desert.
  • July 23rd Revolution - Briefly examines the Revolution of July 23rd, 1952, a turning point in modern Egyptian history; from ArabicNews.
  • King Farouk - Family Portrait - Family portrait of King Farouk, Queen Nariman, and Prince Ahmed Fouad, with a brief commentary on how this serene scene belied the future overthrow of the regime; in Al-Ahram Weekly Online.
  • King Farouk - Numismatic Collection - Describes King Farouk's coin collection, its dispersal in the legendary auction in 1954, and subsequent movements; by Carl N. Lester.
  • King Farouk I - Portrait and brief biography of King Farouk, Egypt's last reigning monarch, who abdicated in July 1952.
  • Largest Crater in the Great Sahara Discovered by Boston University Scientists - Boston University news release, dated March 3, 2006, on how researchers from the university's Center for Remote Sensing located Crater Kebira using detailed satellite data; includes information on the researchers, Dr. Farouk El-Baz and Dr. Eman Ghoneim, and a link to five high-resolution images.
  • Medals of the Arab Republic of Egypt - Original research by Edward S. Haynes of Winthrop University provides a very brief political history of Egypt since 1517, lists its rulers since 1805, and describes in detail 130 medals and the historical events or other reasons for which they were established.
  • Messengers of God Find Refuge in Egypt - Article by Reda Helal traces visits by the Patriarchs, Holy Family, and advent of Islam in AD 640 to show that Egypt is a byword for religious tolerance and inter-religion harmony.
  • Middle East Photograph Archive - From the University of Chicago Library, most archive images date from the second half of the 19th century and, while particularly strong in images of Cairo and its Islamic monuments and street scenes, also contains photos of pharaonic monuments and views throughout Egypt.
  • Mohammed Ali Pasha of Egypt, Syria and Arabia - Biographical sketch by William Brown Hodgson, written on March 10, 1835.
  • Muhammad Ali - Firman of Appointment as Pasha of Egypt - Translation of the firman issued by the Ottoman sultan in 1840, contributed by C. R. Pennell, National University of Singapore; from Don Mabry's Historical Text Archive.
  • Muhammad Ali's Tax Inspectors - From the Chronicles of al-Jabarti, contributed by C. R. Pennell, National University of Singapore; from Don Mabry's Historical Text Archive.
  • Napoleon in Egypt - An essay by Brahm Rosensweig which describes Napoleon Bonaparte's Egyptian expedition, from July 1798 to the French surrender to the British on September 2, 1801; includes 7 illustrations and links to related subjects, such as the Battle of the Nile.
  • Napoleon in Egypt: A Short Account - Paper, originally a slide lecture, describing the Napoleonic expedition to Egypt and the "Birth of Egyptology."
  • Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign - A 3-page history of the Egyptian Campaign (1798-1801), including background, troop movements, hyperlinks to additional information on persons, places, and terms used in the text, and a map of the campaign.
  • The Nile - Examines, via four essays (Geographical, Cultural, Technical, and Organizational), how the Nile River influenced life in Egypt from ancient times to 1886 (pre-Aswan Dam); based on the book, Rivers of Empire, by Donald Worster.
  • Orders, Decorations and Medals of Egypt - Full-color ribbon charts and individual images of orders, decorations, and medals, along with descriptions and award criteria, are separately provided for the Kingdom of Egypt and Earlier (1805-1953) and for the Arab Republic of Egypt (1953 - date).
  • Oxyrhynchus: A City and its Texts - Online version of the exhibition of the same name, celebrating 100 years of publication of The Oxyrhynchus Papyri; contains information and images on the Site, Excavations and Finds, Daily Life, A Millenium of Documents, Scribes and Scholars, and other topics; from the Imaging Papyri Project at Oxford University.
  • Prehistoric Dinosaur Discovered in Egypt - Report dated June 05, 2001, announcing that University of Pennsylvania researcher Joshua Smith had discovered, in a desert oasis, the remains of a paralytitan, which had lived about 94 million years ago in the mid-cretaceous period.
  • Railways In the Nile Valley (Until 1935) - This history of Egypt's railway system begins with an overview of the country's place in the region's travel and trade, recounts establishment of the Alexandria-Cairo line (the first railway on the African continent) in 1851-56, and then its expansion to the south and across the Delta; contains a map of the railway system and several images of locomotives, carriages, and stations.
  • Rulers of Modern Egypt - Chronologically lists all Egyptian rulers from Mohammad Ali Pasha (1805-1848) to current president Hosny Mubarak; names link to biography and picture of each. Available in both Arabic and English.
  • Sheik Hassan Maamoun - Biography, photographs, and other information on Sheik Hassan Maamoun, who served Egypt as head of the Supreme Islamic Jurisprudence Court, El Mofti of the Republic, member of Parliament during the years of El Wehda (unification) with Syria, and as 44th Grand Imam of Al-Azhar.
  • Siwa Oasis - Briefly describes this oasis in western Egypt and provides a short chronological history, with links to key terms; from Encyclopaedia of the Orient.
  • The Sudanese Travels of Theodoro Krump, 1700-1702 - A summary of this traveller's journey through Egypt and on to Sudan; by Jay Spaulding, at Kean University.
  • Survey of Decorative Stones in the Mosques and Other Islamic Buildings of the Pre-Ottoman Period in Cairo, Egypt - Report on a comprehensive survey conducted from 1996 to 2000, with an Introduction, Description of Stone Varieties Found in Cairo, Inventory of Stones in Cairo Buildings, and Reuse of Roman Stones in Cairo Buildings; by Dr. James A. Harrell, Professor of Geology, Department of Earth, Ecological and Environmental Sciences, The University of Toledo.
  • Thebes Photographic Project - Tom Van Eynde's photographs recording the architecture and landscape of Egypt are shot and printed to evoke romantic Victorian times; from the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago.
  • World Heritage Sites in Egypt - Lists and links to detailed information on the individual UNESCO World Heritage Sites located in Egypt.
  • WWW-VL - History: Egypt - Categorized directory of links.


  • Guide to Egypt's Election - 2005 - Overview of Egypt's three-stage election to the People's Assembly, parliament's lower house, in November and December 2005; provides information on candidates and parties, procedures, timetable, and other matters; from BBC News. (November 8, 2005)
  • Egypt Investigates Resort Attacks - Reports on the 23 July 2005 attacks in Sharm al-Sheikh, Egypt, including background, maps, news reports, reaction, and video; from BBC News. (July 25, 2005)




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