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Government Links



Bahrain Government Links

1    Government of Bahrain

Web site of the government of Bahrain; has links to national anthem, constitution of the kingdom, ruling family, ministries, statistics, government organisations, governorates, embassies and consulates, history of Bahrain, geography, currency, etc
2    Shura Council, Kingdom of Bahrain
Governing body of the Kingdom
3    Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Bahrain
List of the names of the king, prime minister, ministers of the cabinet, attorney general, and other senior officials; part of the CIA web site


Bahraini Embassies

1    Bahrain Mission to the United Nations
This site gives address of the mission, members, the consulate, oil for food programme, country background information etc
2    Consulate General of the Kingdom of Bahrain in New York
Site has info on consulate hours, visa requirements for US passport holders, visa fees, visas for non-US passport holders, visa requirements, tourist visas, 72-hour visas, 7-day visas, visit visas, business visas, family visas etc
3    Embassies of Bahrain in other countries
Has contact details of the Bahrain embassy in France
4    Embassy of Bahrain to the United States of America
Site has details about the ambassador, embassy officials, consular officials, the cultural division, the defence division etc
5    Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain in London
Web site of Bahrain's embassy to Britain; gives the address of the embassy, directions to get there, consular services, departments and contact officials, and info about the ambassador
6    Honorary Consulate of Bahrain in Hong Kong
Has info about Bahrain, the Hong Kong-Bahrain Business Association, etc


Embassies and Consulates at Bahrain

1    British Embassy in Bahrain
Site has details about consular services, advice for British nationals in Bahrain, visas, passports, travel advice, doing business in Bahrain, doing business with the UK etc
2    Embassies of other countries to Bahrain
Gives contact details of the embassy of South Africa, Bangladesh, Austria, Algeria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, etc
3    Embassy of France in Bahrain
Has info about the embassy, its consular section, visas and services, learning French, the Bahrain French Speaking Society (AFB), etc
4    Embassy of Japan
Site has information about the ambassador, visa services, scholarships, Japan-Bahrain relations, etc
5    Embassy of the United States of America
Site has details about the US ambassador, US Citizen services, consular services, visa services, databases available at the Information Resource Centre, educational advisory services, English language programmes etc
6    Indian Embassy in Bahrain
Site has info about the consular wing, passport services, attestation services, visa services, labour and welfare wing, agreement of employment, declaratio of sponsorship, employment contracts, minimum wages etc
7    Chinese Embassy in Bahrain
Chinese embassy in Bahrain, located on Juffair Avenue, Manama
8    Embassy of Pakistan in Manama
Site gives information about consular services, education in Pakistan, weather in Pakistan etc
9    Embassy of the Russian Federation in Bahrain
Has details about the embassy, its consular section, issue of homestay, tourist, business and transit visas etc


Bahrain Government Agencies

1    Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research
Government agency that provides and promotes access to information for the research community in Bahrain; organises training programmes; aids industrial and technological research; and promotes GIS and remote sensing
2    Bahrain Customs
Web site has details about customs procedures, customs tariffs etc; entry points are sea ports at Mina Sulman and Muharraq, Bahrain International Airport, border point on King Fahad Causeway, and at Muharraq Post Office
3    Bahrain Urban Indicators Programme
Partnership between the Bahrain government, the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Centre on Human Settlement; collects useful information about conditions and trends in Bahraini cities
4    Capital Governorate
One of the five governorates established for the government of the country; site has listings of mosques, schools, health centres, hospitals and pharmacies, libraries, malls, sports halls, clubs etc
5    Civil Service Bureau
Government agency focusing on the supervision of personnel affairs and making suggestions regarding civil service affairs, laws and rules; also responsible for providing a state-of-the-art information technology system for other ministries
6    General Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Residence (GDNPR)
Directorate under the ministry of interior; services: issue of passports, personal identification cards, entry visas, and residence permits; site has a list of Bahraini embassies in various countries with contact details
7    General Organisation for Social Insurance
Government agency offering social insurance for all Bahraini and non-Bahraini workers who work in the private sector in accordance with employment contracts;
8    Muharraq Governorate
One of the five governorates established for the government of the country; site is in Arabic
9    Northern Governorate
One of the five governorates established for the government of the country; Arabic version is online; English version under development
10    Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
Independent body set up to protect the interests of subscribers and users, and promote effective and fair competition among existing and new licensed operators, among other things
11    Anti Money Laundering Unit (AMU) -- Kingdom of Bahrain
Money laundering enforcement unit in the Kingdom; web site has information on regulations, statistics, FAQ etc
12    Bahrain Electronic Visa Service
Web site allowing surfers to check for eligibility of a Bahrain visa, apply online for certain types of visas, check the status of an eVisa application; site by the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence
13    Directorate of Legal Affairs
Web site of the Directorate of Legal Affairs; site is in Arabic
14    General Directorate of Traffic and Licensing
Government agency dealing with road traffic; has info on vehicle registration, vehicle inspection, drivers licensing, traffic fees, offences, road safety, traffic law etc
15    Human Rights Committee
Committee consisting of members elected from the consultative council of the kingdom of Bahrain
16    National Oil & Gas Authority (NOGA)
Government body responsible for the regulation & overseeing of the petroleum & gas-related industry; site has information on decrees, projects, plus statistics, news etc; based in Manama
17    Survey & Land Registration Bureau
Government agency responsible for land registration, safeguarding property etc; has information on foreigners owning property in Bahrain, pictures & maps etc
18    The Pension Fund Commission
Web site of The Pension Fund Commission; site is in Arabic


Bahrain Ministries

1    Ministry of Education
site has details about the history of the ministry, laws and regulations, organisation chart, education in Bahrain, training programes, libraries, list of schools, education statistics, etc
2    Ministry of Finance and National Economy
Web site contains details of the national accounts, the state budget, selected economic indicators, economic agreements etc
3    Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Site is in Arabic
4    Ministry of Health
Web site of the Bahraini Ministry of Health; has information on health statistics, tenders, health education, primary health care, hospitals, etc
5    Ministry of Industry
Web site of the ministry of industry; contains info about the ministry, directorates, a brief on Bahrain's industrial climate, laws, trading laws, procedures, statistics, industrial support, forms,
6    Ministry of Industry and Commerce
ministry responsible for the registration of all forms of commercial business, commercial agencies, industrial property, standards and metrology, foreign trade and related activities; site has details of government procedures, laws, etc
7    Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Site has sections on general principles, organisation chart, ministry officials, laws and regulations, training and human resources development, employment and labour affairs, social affairs, statistics, etc
8    Ministry of Electricity & Water
Ministry in charge of producing & distributing water & electricity etc; site offers online bill payments, information on laws & regulations etc
9    Ministry of Information
Web site of the ministry; deals with publications & the press, foreign media, tourism affairs etc; has information on services for citizens, important links etc
10    Ministry of Justice
Web site of the Ministry of Justice; has information on services, directory, current activities etc
11    Ministry of Municipalities & Agriculture Affairs
Web site of the ministry; has information on laws & regulations, services permits, activities & events, projects etc
12    Ministry of Shura Council & Representative Council Affairs
Web site of the ministry; site is in Arabic
13    Ministry of the Interior
Web site of the ministry, whose responsibilities include public security, general policing, anti money-laundering etc; site has information on laws & regulations etc
14    Ministry of Transportation
Ministry in charge of public transport, postal services, telecommunications and civil aviation
15    Ministry of Works and Housing
Web site of the Ministry of Works and Housing; site is in Arabic; has information on tenders etc



 1    Military Balance in the Middle East 2001-02

A study of Bahrain and Kuwait with details on military expenditures, arms imports, force trends, military manpower, Bahraini armour, artillery, combat air strength, &related issues; part of the Center for Strategic and International Studies web site
2    Shaikh-Isa Air Base
air base on Sitrah, south of Manama on the main island of Bahrain, built with US assistance
3    US Naval Forces Central Command -- NAVCENT
NAVCENT supports all US naval operations in the US Central Command ( CENTCOM ) area of responsibility; this is roughly the Persian Gulf region; headquarters in Bahrain; part of the web site
4    US Naval Forces Central Command and 5th Fleet Home Page
responsible for supporting all naval operations in the US Central Command area of responsibility ( roughly the Persian Gulf region ); headquarters in Bahrain
5    US Navy Base, Juffair
The US Navy base at Juffair, about 5 miles southeast of Manama, provides onshore offices for the Navy's 5th Fleet, which has aircraft carriers, destroyers and other ships stationed in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea
6    US Navy Fifth Fleet
Supports all naval operations in the US Central Command -- CENTCOM -- area of responsibility; this includes the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, Gulf of Oman and parts of the Indian Ocean, and covers 25 countries including Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, etc
7    Maritime Liaison Office (MARLO) Bahrain
Organisation established in 1987 in Bahrain to facilitate an exchange of information between the US Navy and the commercial shipping community in the U.S. Central Command’s area of responsibility; part of U.S. Naval Forces Central Command staff
8    United States Naval Support Activity, Bahrain
US military web site
9    US Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Bahrain
station set up to provide shore, fleet and joint strategic and tactical C4I services to COMUSNAVCENT, COMFIFTHFLT, ground mobile forces, naval support activity, Bahrain and its tenant commands, etc

Bahrain Royal Family

 1    Ruling Family of Bahrain

Part of the Wikipedia web site; has info on the Al-Khalifa dynasty with a list of rulers from 1783 to the present




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